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Laws of Maryland, 1788

Laws of Maryland, 1788, Military lots west of Cumberland. Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


John Eager Howard, Esq.; Governor

1788. CHAP. XLIV.
acts, it was provided, that a bounty of fifty acres of land should be granted to each able bodied recruit who should enlist and faithfully serve for three years in the American army; and by the said first recited act it was provided, that the said bounty should be paid to each recruit, or his legal representative, at the expiration of three years from the time of enlistment, in such manner as the general assembly should thereafter direct; and by the said act, and other subsequent acts, it was provided, that a bounty of one hundred acres of land, to be procured and laid out in such manner and place within this state as the legislature thereof should thereafter direct, should be given to every such recruiting officer, or his legal representative, who should enlist twenty able bodied effective recruits within the times in the said acts respectively specified, and also a bounty of fifty acres of land, to be procured as aforesaid, to every recruiting officer who should enlist and deliver twenty able bodied effective recruits according to the terms of the said acts: And whereas by an act, entitled, An act to appropriate certain lands to the use of the officers and soldiers of this state, and for the sale of vacant lands, passed at a session of assembly begun and held at the city of Annapolis on Monday the fifth of November, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty-one, all the lands within this state in Washington county, westward of Fort Cumberland, except as in the said act is excepted, were appropriated to discharge the engagement of lands heretofore made to the officers and soldiers of this state, and the residue to the use of the public, as the general assembly should thereafter direct: And whereas, in pursuance of a resolve of the general assembly, at April session, seventeen hundred and eighty-seven, authorizing the governor and council to appoint and employ some skilful person to lay out the manors, and such parts of the reserves and vacant lands belonging to this state, lying to the westward of Fort Cumberland, as he might think fit and capable of being settled and improved, in lots of fifty acres each, Francis Deakins was appointed and employed by the governor and council for that purpose, and has finished the said survey, and has returned a general plot of the county westward of Fort Cumberland, on which four thousand one hundred and sixty-five lots of fifty acres each are laid off, besides sundry tracts which have been patented, distinguishing on the plot those lots which have been settled and improved from those which remain uncultivated; and the said Francis Deakins has also returned two books, entitled A and B, in which are entered certificates of all the lots before mentioned: And whereas it appears to this general assembly, that there are three hundred and twenty-three families settled on six hundred and thirty-six of the aforesaid lots, which they have improved and cultivated;

Preference to be given to settlers, &c.        II. Be it enacted, by the General Assembly of Maryland, That a preference be given to the said settlers to purchase the said six hundred and thirty-six lots by them respectively settled, not exceeding the quantities registered and noted by the surveyor in the books aforesaid, at not less than five nor more than twenty shillings per acre, one third part thereof to be paid on the first day of September next, one other third on the first day of September, seventeen hundred and ninety, and the remaining third in twelve months thereafter, in current money; and that the price of provisions furnished and services rendered in assistance to the said Francis Deakins in surveying the said lands, be discounted out of the first or any other payment to be made by the settlers.

On default, land liable to proclamation.        III. And be it enacted, That in default of any payment to be made by any of the said settlers on the day on which the same ought to be made as aforesaid, the land unpaid for shall be liable to proclamation in the usual manner by any citizen of this state.

Commissioners appointed, &c.        IV. And be it enacted, That for the ease and convenience of the people, a proper person or persons, not to exceed the number three, be appointed commissioner or commissioners by the governor and council, who shall go into the neighbourhood, and have power to decide all disputes which may arise concerning preemption, and shall value the said lands, those of the best quality at nor more than twenty shillings, and those of the worst at not less than five shillings per acre, and all those of an intermediate quality according to their quality, having regard to the prices aforesaid.

        V. And, whereas according to the most accurate account that can now be rendered by the auditor-general, it appears, that there has been about the number of two thousand four hundred and seventy-five soldiers, entitled under the several acts of the legislature to the said bounty of lands, and that there ought to be about


Page #:
351 of vol 204

Public Domain

Archives of Maryland Online


Collection Location:
Maryland State Archives

Frederick Green, Annapolis, Printer to the State

Land grants--Maryland--Allegany County--Maps; Land grants--Maryland--Garrett County--Maps; Francis Deakins

1788, Allegany and Garrett Counties, Maryland.

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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