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Laws of Maryland, 1788

Laws of Maryland, 1788. An Act to dispose of the reserved lands westward of Fort Cumberland. Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


John Eager Howard, Esq.; Governor

warrant hath issued, be liable to be taken up in the usual manner by warrant, at the rate of three shillings and nine-pence current money per acre, to be paid to the treasurer of the western shore in the proportions and within the times required by the act to appropriate certain lands to the use of the officers and soldiers of this state, and for the sale of vacant lands.
Privilege reserved..        XIV. And be it enacted, That the privilege of roads and waters through all the said lands be reserved to the public.
Line within the boundary, &c..        XV. And be it enacted, That the line to which the said Francis Deakins has laid out the said lots, is, in the opinion of the general assembly, far within that which this state may rightfully claim as its western boundary; and that at a time or more leisure the consideration of the legislature ought to be drawn to the western boundaries of this state, as objects of very great importance.

Plot, &c. to be lodged, &c..        XVI. And be it enacted, That the said general plot and books of certificates be lodged in the land office, and that the said books of certificates of the four thousand one hundred and sixty-five lots aforesaid, be considered, to all intents and purposes, as record books of the land office.

Expences to be ascertained, &c..        XVII. And be it enacted, That the necessary expences attending the said survey shall be ascertained by the committee of claims at the next session of assembly, and that the orders given by the said Francis Deakins in favour of persons who furnished provisions and performed services in the execution of the said survey, shall be receivable in payment of the lands to be valued to the settlers aforesaid, the amount of the said orders to be debited to the said Francis Deakins, in addition to the six hundred pounds received from the treasurer, and by him to be accounted for.

Allowance to F. Deakins.        XVIII. And be it enacted, That there be allowed to the said Francis Deakins, for his trouble in completing the said work, making out the plots and registering the certificates aforesaid, the sum of two hundred pounds current money.

Six weeks notice to be given, &c..        XIX. And be it enacted, That the commissioner or commissioners to be appointed as aforesaid, as soon as may be, give six weeks notice in the Maryland Gazette, and Baltimore Journal, of the time and place when and where a distribution of the aforesaid lands, in pursuance of the directions of this act, among the officers and soldiers entitled as aforesaid, shall take place; and the auditor-general shall furnish the said commissioner or commissioners with a list of the officers and soldiers entitled as aforesaid, and no draught shall be made for any officer or soldier, unless the name of the officer or soldier shall appear in the list to be furnished by the auditor-general as aforesaid.

Name to be endorsed, &c..        XX. And be it enacted, That after the said draught shall have taken place, the name of the officer and soldier shall be endorsed on the ticket containing the number of numbers, which shall be written in words at length, drawn by or for such officer or soldier by the said commissioner or commissioners, and thereupon such officer or soldier, or their representative or representatives, shall have an estate in fee-simple in the lot or lots respectively drawn, without any patent, deed or grant, to be issued for that purpose.

On payment, &c. a patent shall issue, &c.        XXI. And be it enacted, That on payment of the valuation to be made in pursuance of the directions of this act, by any of the settlers who shall be adjudged by the commissioner or commissioners aforesaid to be entitled to the pre-emption, a patent shall issue for the land, according to the determination of the said commissioner or commissioners, to the settler, or his representative or representatives, by the register of the land office, he or they paying the usual fees of office.

Purchasers entitled to patent, &c..        XXII. And be it enacted, That any purchaser of any of the said lots to be sold in pursuance of this act, on payment of the purchase money, shall be entitled to a patent from the register of the land office, on paying the usual fees of office.


Page #:
353, vol 204

Public Domain

Archives of Maryland Online


Collection Location:
Maryland State Archives

Frederick Green, Annapolis, Printer to the State

Land grants--Maryland--Allegany County--Maps; Land grants--Maryland--Garrett County--Maps; Francis Deakins

1788, Allegany and Garrett Counties, Maryland.

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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