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Civil War in Maryland
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Revolutionary War - Military lots (assigned to soldiers - Blades to Burnes)

Military lots assigned to Maryland soldiers, 1778 Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


NamesRankRegiment Number
John BladesPrivate21585
Thomas BrownCorporal3951
John Brown (1)Private31948
Richard ButlerPrivate31169
John BarrettPrivate31142
Basil BrownPrivate31780
George BrownPrivate32084
Zachariah BurchPrivate391
Leonard BeanCorporal31827
Gabriel BrandPrivate3471
John BeanPrivate3814
Thomas BirdPrivate33015
Benjamin BoydPrivate32027
John Blair (2)Private3997
Peter BochardPrivate3873
Thomas BaileyPrivate31043
John BuckleyPrivate3872
Joshua BarretSergeant4101
George BradleyCorporal41407
Peter BowlerPrivate4194
Joshua BatchelyPrivate41381
Robert BowenFifer42535
Philip BaileyPrivate41037
John BeachDrummer41148
John BuchananDrummer12025
Daniel BuckleyPrivate21757
James BiassPrivate31139
John BarnettPrivate51026
Perry BurthamPrivate51072
John BrentFifer51411
George BlackhamPrivate53
James BarronPrivate5159
James BaileyPrivate52000
Abram BowenPrivate 51940
John BanthamPrivate541
Solomon BarrettPrivate 51797
James Burk (1)Private 61771
John Brown (2)Sergeant 61059
Henry BillopPrivate61275
Thomas BearPrivate 61849
George BumgardnerPrivate 62035
Benjamin Burch (2)Corporal61556
Thomas BradyPrivate 61464
Joseph BlaizePrivate72002
Joseph Botts Private 7986
Moses BarneyPrivate 71360
Richard BoonePrivate 73120
Joshua BrownPrivate 71881
Joseph BurgessPrivate 71603
Humphrey BeckettSergeant 71086
Laurence BrannanSergeant 71581
George BrownPrivate 72541
George BuckPrivate7182
Abijah BuxtonPrivate11875
Jesse BarnettFifer71489
Thomas BowserPrivate 51935
James BaberPrivateState4111
Daniel BulgerPrivate74113
Jesse BoswellCorporalState1831
Joseph BartonPrivateState3027
Martin Bowles Private7
John BrewerPrivateState
John BransonPrivateState
Jeremiah BrownPrivateState
Richard BiddlePrivateState
James BigwoodPrivateState
Peter BushellPrivate4
Thomas BakerPrivateState
James Balip PrivateState
J Berriman, or Banneman Private4
James BrannanPrivate 21057
John BrianPrivate State1112
John BiggsPrivate State1859
Jacob BlakePrivate State1785
John Brown (3)CorporalRawlings'75
Benjamin Burch Sergeant Rawlings'1123
George BoughPrivateGerman1134
Samuel BoswellPrivateGerman2521
William BattenPrivateRawlings'1351
Zachariah BerryPrivateRawlings'2547
James BryanPrivate 13166
John Bayley (l)Private 31147
William BurgessPrivate 33001
George BelfastPrivate Recruit 17811051
Charles BucklissPrivate State3044
John BradySergeant State1416
James BarrowPrivateState 888
Thomas BaxterPrivate State936
James BlewerPrivate 31369
John ButcherPrivate 3188
Nathan BatemanPrivate 52016
John BennetPrivateState 63
Joseph BurchPrivate 21089
Thomas BishopPrivate 21127
William BraithwaitPrivate 24107
Richard BlansfordPrivate 21076
Thomas BrownSergeant Artillery1904
Isaac Burton MArtillery2549
Thomas BrownM Artillery1199
Edward BerryM Artillery 4104
Thomas BowlerMArtillery881
John BradyMArtillery1510
Thomas BarberMArtillery1170
Thomas Barclay or BartleyPrivate31905
William BruffPrivate71782
David BramblePrivate 21888
John BurnesPrivate Recruit 81 2539
Benjamin BoughPrivate Recruit 81 57
John BoudyPrivate Recruit 81 1561
John BoodyPrivateRecruit 81891
John BrittonPrivate Recruit 81 26
John BrileyPrivate Recruit 81 103
Benjamin BelcherPrivate Recruit 81 1846
Thomas Burch (2)PrivateRecruit 811149
Nathaniel BarleyPrivate Recruit 81 393
Andrew BramblePrivate Recruit 81 1698
John BaxterPrivate Recruit 81 3058
James BowenPrivate Recruit 81 1185
Joel BakerPrivate 71177
William BradyPrivate Recruit 81 992
John Blair (1)Private 73023
George BowersPrivate 63152
James BayleyDrummer 3993
James BerryMArtillery1703
Robert BrittPrivate 11052
Luke BurnesPrivate 14029
William BowlesPrivate 24066
Daniel BoylesPrivate 21963
Ezekiel BurnesPrivate 2989
John BurnesPrivate 21465


Page #:

J. Thomas Scharf.

Public Domain

M = Matross


Collection Location:
Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
28 x 20 cms

History of Western Maryland, Philadelphia: Louis H. Everts, 1882.

Land grants--Maryland--Allegany County--Maps; Land grants--Maryland--Garrett County--Maps; Francis Deakins

1778, Garrett County, Maryland.

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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