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Civil War in Maryland
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Revolutionary War - Military lots (assigned to soldiers - Butt to Civill)

Maryland soldiers, revolutionary war, land grants Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


NamesRankRegiment Number
Zachariah Butt Private 21934
Charles ByrnPrivate 21903
James BannyPrivate 31181
Hugh BurnsPrivate 31154
Thomas ButteryPrivate 31536
William BoltonPrivate 31172
James BrownPrivate 51742
John BennyPrivate 54096
Alexander BeckPrivate 5887
Michael BurnsPrivate 51537
Hugh BattonPrivate61981
Robert Body Fifer 63008
John BrownPrivate63064
James BoylePrivate61918
Harvey BurnesPrivateHazen's 1115
John BattonPrivateHazen's 29
William BrownPrivateHazen's4103
Nehemiah BarnsPrivateHazen's1221
Richard BassetPrivateLee's Legion1763
George BowePrivateLee's Legion1267
John BennetPrivateLee's Legion434
James BrownPrivateLee's Legion1207
Thomas BroomePrivateLee's Legion1840
William BrightPrivate4953
Robert Barnet PrivateGerman1740
William Clary Private14153
David CailePrivate12397
John Carroll (1) Private12504
James Collard Fifer14044
Wm. Clements (2)Private11182
Michael ColePrivate11178
Thomas CampherPrivate2493
Patrick Cavenaugh State21266
William CatoPrivate21675
Hugh Cain Private21063
David Conner (1) Private21092
Morris Citizen Private21095
William Chatland Private21922
William CutlerPrivate21910
John CamphenPrivate22369
Hamton Coursey Private2821
William Conner (1) Private2193
George Childs Corporal379
Daniel Claney Private31832
John Craig Private33094
Barton Cecil Private390
Charles Clements Private34165
Luke Carter Private34152
John ClaggettPrivate33161
Thomas Clark (1) Private3123
Heze. Carr Drummer3472
John Courts Private31604
Michael Clark Private41931
John Colin Sergeant44157
Thomas B. ClementsPrivateRecruit 811911
William Cartro (2) Private41135
Emanuel CathagonePrivate41020
Abram CatchsidesPrivate44022
Thomas ClintonFifer41108
Michael Callahan Private4158
Aseph Colegate Private41919
Andrew Crummy Private21132
John CarrPrivate3911
Robert Cornick Private5191
John Carroll (2)Private5459
Charles Crouch Sergeant51028
Augustine Cann Private51833
Thomas Carney Private51067
Michael Claney Fifer51066
Thomas Cahoe, SrPrivate64100
Thomas Cahoe, JrFifer64109
Benjamin CleaverPrivate61417
Christopher Cusick Private61006
Robert Callahan or ClemmahanPrivate61805
William Cook Private61175
William CrailePrivate7962
Darby CrowleyPrivate7474
John Cheshire Sergeant7475
William Casey Private7461
Adam CrowPrivateRecruit 811704
William CumminsPrivate71446
Aquilla ChithamPrivate71562
Owen Carey Corporal721
Ignatius ComptonPrivate71032
James Curren Private7168
Stephen CarrPrivate7162
Edward ClaneyFifer7167
John Cochran Private7166
William Collis SergeantState 1208
Jonathan ChubbPrivateState 3119
William ChapmanPrivateState 1402
Henry CrookPrivateState 3035
William Cox PrivateState 909
Henry CrainePrivateState 1033
George ClarkePrivateState 808
Thomas Cooper PrivateState 1487
Bennet H. ClementsPrivateState1920
James CaseyPrivateState1913
Lewis CunninghamPrivateState1520
Calothile CarmilePrivateState1755
David CradyFifer State 1802
Michael CasnerPrivateState1058
Samuel CallahanPrivate 31753
John Cooper (1)PrivateState1752
George CraigsPrivate43164
Dominick CoinsPrivate6906
Benjamin ColePrivateGerman477
John Connelly (1)PrivateGist's 3033
Isham ColemanPrivateState1467
William Carter (1)PrivateState1497
James CrozierPrivateState2570
Peter CarberryPrivateState56
Samuel ChapplePrivateState1982
Michael CurtisPrivateState176
William Clements (1)Private51790
Kindall CobbPrivateRecruit 814155
Thomas CannadyPrivate31149
Valentine ClapperPrivateState4052
Charles CooperPrivate21167
John CarsonSergeantRecruit 81297
Elijah CockendallCorporalRawlings'1506
John Crosby (1)Private4278
Dennis CraganPrivate1340
Joseph CooleyPrivate11282
Thomas CraigSergeantRawlings'960
Edward CosgrovePrivate1298
John Clancey (2)Corporal1458
James CrawfordPrivate31214
William CivillPrivate51294


Page #:

J. Thomas Scharf.

Public Domain


Collection Location:
Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
28 x 20 cms

History of Western Maryland, Philadelphia: Louis H. Everts, 1882.

Land grants--Maryland--Allegany County--Maps; Land grants--Maryland--Garrett County--Maps; Francis Deakins

1778, Garrett County, Maryland.

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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