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Civil War in Maryland
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Revolutionary War - Military lots (assigned to soldiers - Dunnington to Farrell)

Military lots assigned to Maryland soldiers, 1778 Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


William Dunnington or DerringtonPrivate3114
Joseph DefordPrivate51027
Alexander DowneyPrivate51011
Richard DixonPrivate71085
Francis DuvistPrivateRawlings'466
James DowdenPrivateRawlings'1583
Butoc DeveauxPrivate14038
John DentPrivate34039
John DoveSergeant71941
Beryer DominickPrivate61197
James DenisonPrivateRawlings'1736
Richard DownsPrivate71474
Pearce DeakonPrivateRawlings'1761
William DayPrivateState1921
James DavidsonPrivate11727
Thomas DuttonPrivate1788
Charles DavisPrivateRecruit 81397
William DavisMArtillery1255
William DixonBArtillery3130
Peter DavisDArtillery427
John Davis (1)PrivateRecruit 81293
William DawsonPrivateRecruit 81273
Barnably DorothyPrivate5314
Jacob DudersPrivateRecruit 81241
Terrence DuffyPrivate6428
John DeanePrivateRecruit 811121
John DobsonPrivateRecruit 81490
James DrianPrivateRecruit 811235
Thomas DuffyPrivateRecruit 81812
Thomas Davis (1)PrivateRecruit 811625
Abram DuganPrivateRecruit 81963
Thomas DickisonPrivateRecruit 81338
Charles DeanePrivateRecruit 811957
Richard DolvinPrivateRecruit 81324
Richard DunbyPrivateRecruit 81426
James DawsonPrivateRecruit 81240
Timothy DonovanMArtillery272
Thomas Dutton's Adm'rPrivate1292
Thomas DaleyPrivate2317
John DavisPrivate3337
John Davis of Bailey's Co.Private3364
James Douglas of Bailey's Co.Private3385
James Divine of Bailey's Co.Private4406
Michael DuffyPrivate41953
John DefordPrivate51210
Patrick DurganPrivate5407
Peter DunstonPrivate61421
Thomas DisharoonPrivate71426
George Dice (or Dias)Private5467
Francis DuffySRecruit 811094
Jeremiah DriskillPrivate41524
George DyerPrivate51600
John DavisPrivateRecruit 811119
Patrick DennisonPrivate4448
William DeakinsPrivateHazen's1588
Thomas DeavorPrivateHazen's1427
William DouleyPrivateHazen's446
William DowdlePrivateLee's Legion1549
Joseph DealePrivateArtillery386
Michael DowlanPrivateN. Gist's1712
Henry EvansPrivateRecruit 811539
Edward EllicottPrivate11432
Peregrine EvansSergeant2439
Bartholomew EsomCorporal2949
Michael EllisFifer21434
Thomas Evans (2)Private31705
Thomas Ellicott (2)Private31433
William EllisPrivate41589
Edward Evans (1)Private4972
William EvansPrivate41204
Thomas EdwardsSergeant41428
Jarvis EcclestonPrivate5239
Joseph EllicottPrivate61685
George ElmsFife Maj61231
John Ellicott (1)Private6382
Edward Evans (2)SergeantState1271
William ElkinsPrivateState365
Thomas Ellis (1)PrivateState969
Enork EnnisPrivateState850
Leonard EnnisPrivateState1236
John EnnisPrivateState1249
John EdwardsPrivateRecruit 81465
Peter EquidowneyPrivateRecruit 81494
James EvansPrivateRecruit 81316
Thomas Elliott (1)PrivateRecruit 81817
Samuel EvansCorporalRecruit 811738
Thomas Evans (1)PrivateRecruit 814041
Heathesat EdwardsPrivateRecruit 811794
Emanuel EbbsPrivateGist's1750
Euel EvansPrivateState1883
Thomas EllisonPrivate11863
John EdwardsSergeant3391
Richard Ellis' Adm'r5449
Frederick EyenArtillery441
John EvansMArtillery1553
Benjamin Evans61310
John Etheridge61691
Richard EllisonPrivate7901
James ErvinePrivateRecruit 811304
Nicholas ElliottPrivateRecruit 81932
James EdesPrivateHazen's220
Edward ErvinePrivate255
Jacob FloraPrivate11083
Francis FairbrotherPrivate134
John FranewayPrivate11898
Stephen FreshPrivate120
Joseph FowlerPrivate1914
William FisherPrivate1844
Jonathan FowlerPrivate1328
Geo. Fellason or FenlaysonPrivate2213
Henry Fisher (2)PrivateGerman1423
James FarrelPrivate2341
James FitzjeraldPrivate216
Francis FreemanPrivate21424
John FergusonPrivate21781
Edward FurrinerPrivate32501
James ForsterPrivate31845
Alexander FrancisPrivate31841
Richard FreemanPrivate3164
Wm. R. FranklinPrivate31077
John FarrellPrivate31750
Richard FarrabyPrivate41141
Frederick FlinonPrivate41042
Stafford FosdalePrivate43098
Peter FountainPrivate42486
Benjamin FolliotPrivate4153
Rigby FosterPrivate5947
Wm ForemanSergeant53113
Wm FarrellDrummer5148


Page #:

J. Thomas Scharf.

Public Domain

B = Bugler, D = Drummer, M = Matross


Collection Location:
Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
28 x 20 cms

History of Western Maryland, Philadelphia: Louis H. Everts, 1882.

Land grants--Maryland--Allegany County--Maps; Land grants--Maryland--Garrett County--Maps; Francis Deakins

1778, Garrett County, Maryland.

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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