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Civil War in Maryland
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Revolutionary War - Military lots (assigned to soldiers - Jones to Matthews)

Military lots assigned to Maryland soldiers, 1778 Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


William JonesPrivate71156
John Jarvis11321
Samuel JenkinsLee's Legion4063
Thomas JohnstonGist's1914
Dennis KellySergeant11303
Edward KillmanPrivate24154
James KellyPrivate398
John KingPrivate71516
Michael KernonPrivate61967
William KindlePrivate7839
Walter KeechPrivate2004
Jacob KiserPrivateGerman107
John Knox (1)Private41733
Joseph KerrickCorporal61269
Francis KitelyPrivate7179
Peter KinkadePrivate51754
Stephen KemblePrivate3230
William KellowSergeant11312
Thomas KingPrivate1931
Adam KephartPrivate21694
Jacob KnightPrivate24026
John KiddPrivate41225
John KingPrivate41229
William KingPrivate41230
David KellyPrivate51288
George KelsonPrivate51639
Benjamin H. KerrickPrivate61157
James KellyCorporal71247
James KecklandPrivate71344
John KildeePrivateState112
Jacob KellyPrivateRecruit 811248
Thomas P. KittlePrivateRecruit 81215
Benjamin KarnsPrivate21887
Edward KearseyPrivate677
James KnottPrivateState & 1868
Edward KirkPrivateRawlings'918
Francis KearnsPrivateGerman1313
David KettlePrivateGerman129
Abram KettlePrivateGerman1620
Matthew KellyPrivate44095
John Knox (2)Private71257
James KillaganPrivate2418
Nathaniel KnottPrivate31311
William KennedyPrivate61695
Richard KisbyPrivateState1191
David KennedyHazen's353
John KennardLee's Legion110
John KincadeLee's Legion1276
Thomas Kearns62500
George LawsPrivate21350
William LettmanPrivate2280
William LeePrivate21187
William LillyPrivate3410
John LovedayPrivate7203
William LucasPrivate1288
Kinsey LanhamPrivateRecruit 81309
John LonassPrivateGerman1015
Zachariah LylesPrivate2236
Thomas LewisPrivate3830
John LowryPrivate74163
Darby LanahanPrivate63133
Charles LeagoPrivateGerman1847
Jacob LoweSergeantGerman3067
Jonathan LewisPrivate1825
Michael LloydPrivate23037
William LawsPrivate21611
Roger LandersPrivate2913
John Lucas (1)Private21534
Benjamin LoffmanPrivate51786
Levi LordPrivate23005
Henry LawsPrivate33117
William LynchPrivate31735
John Love (1)Private31233
John Lee (1)Private31212
Michael LawlerPrivate31368
John Lynch (2)Private44030
Alexander LeviPrivate44024
Robert LeggPrivateState202
John LinkonPrivate61984
Joseph LongPrivate61410
Joshua LeisterPrivate74027
William LeakinsPrivate71331
David LoveSergeant71994
Francis LongPrivateState3038
John LewinPrivateState1409
Christopher LambertPrivateState99
George LintonPrivateState1263
Paul LapinePrivateState & 1433
Dudley LeePrivate6301
Theophilus LindsayPrivate11120
Thomas LarrimorePrivateGerman1811
Joseph Lewis (2)PrivateRecruit 811273
John Lynch (3)PrivateRawlings'3028
John LesleyPrivateRecruit 81826
William Lee (2)PrivateRecruit 81284
Thomas LongPrivate31237
Nehemiah LingardPrivateRecruit 813022
Timothy LangrelPrivateRecruit 811226
Jesse LockerPrivateRecruit 811493
William LittlePrivate34040
Theophilus LomaxSergeant5373
Edward LeggPrivateState1613
Thos. Loveday, or LovelyDRawling's1447
Dennis LearyPrivateState1374
Robert LivingstonM Artillery990
Joshua LovelyM Artillery 1791
Richard LewisSergeantArtillery1526
Peter LaurenceM Artillery1316
Jacob LionSergeantArtillery254
Daniel LongestPrivate33111
John LavenderPrivate21017
James LowryPrivate5916
John LatonPrivate51741
John LindsayPrivate4187
Barney LemmonPrivate4350
Peter LedingtonPrivate13026
Jeremiah LeePrivate5171
Thomas, or John LuffPrivate3802
John MajorsPrivate1247
Richard MuddSergeant11687
Walter MilesCorporal11448
Gifford MinikeePrivate11234
William MannPrivate23049
James MagrawPrivate2370
Frederick MilesCorporal21853
John MorrisCorporal31012
Valentine MurrayCorporal3404
Jonathan MayhewCorporal31346
John Miles (1)Corporal31048
James MatthewsCorporal41183


Page #:

J. Thomas Scharf.

Public Domain

D = Drummer, M = Matross


Collection Location:
Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
28 x 20 cms

History of Western Maryland, Philadelphia: Louis H. Everts, 1882.

Land grants--Maryland--Allegany County--Maps; Land grants--Maryland--Garrett County--Maps; Francis Deakins

1778, Allegany and Garrett Counties, Maryland.

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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