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Civil War in Maryland
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Revolutionary War - Military lots (assigned to soldiers - Marshal to Myers)

Military lots assigned to Maryland soldiers, 1778 Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


William MarshalCorporal53151
Robert MatthewsCorporal6256
Thomas McCernanCorporal5352
John MantleSergeant6377
Joseph MattinglyPrivate71363
Arthur McClainSergeant7469
Samuel McConnellSergeant6208
Joseph McNamaraPrivateState2039
Jeremiah MuddSergeantState327
John Matthews (2)SergeantState1000
John Moore (3)SergeantState286
Hezekiah MasseySergeant51415
John McCay (1)SergeantState871
John McDonaldFiferRecruit 811334
Michael MaguirePrivate31324
Thomas MahoneyPrivateGerman242
Stephen MagrawPrivateGerman339
Jacob Moses (2)PrivateGerman1699
Bennet MuddSergeant11297
Humphrey MinikenPrivate44099
Benjamin McHaffeePrivate594
Benjamin MoranPrivate63043
John Martin (2)Private61559
Christian MyersPrivate71050
John M. LaughlinPrivate7320
Andrew MoorePrivate71277
William MartinCorporal6845
Timothy McLamarPrivateState1010
Michael McGowerPrivateState3179
Joseph McAteePrivateState252
Thomas MahoneyPrivate6221
Thomas MaloneyPrivate73050
Michael MillerPrivate159
Darby McNamaraPrivate14102
John MartindaleFife Maj.11286
Peter McNaughtonSergeant11722
John MorrisonFifer 11622
Wm. McLoughlinPrivate21486
Christopher MagrawDrummer21125
James MasonPrivate24106
Wm. Moore (1)Private21778
Richard MitchelPrivate23070
Wm. Moore (2)Private2205
John Martin (1)Private21372
Cornelius McLaughlinPrivate31056
Charles MurphySergeant33157
Wm. McGeePrivate31389
John Matthews (1)Private31388
Charles McGeePrivate3355
Matthew Moore (1)Private3235
Wm. MitchellPrivate31390
John McCannPrivate31079
Patrick MahornPrivate31404
Matthew Moore (2)Private41843
Thomas MurphyPrivate4387
Christopher McAwayPrivate41965
Hugh McMillanSergeant41856
James MeadDrum Maj.22429
John McCoyPrivate51364
George MantlePrivate6939
Michael McCannPrivate6336
James MaxwellCorporal6285
Wm. Moore (3)Private6106
Boston MedlerDrummer72012
Wm. Mann (1)Private7384
John Moore (1)Private7425
Charles McNableSergeant71220
Joseph ManagaPrivate74060
Joseph MurpheyPrivate71724
Peter MaguirePrivate71098
John MacanallyPrivate73013
Enoch McClainSergeant73108
John Maxwell (1)Private73153
William MoadePrivate74043
John MickPrivate7294
Neal NorrisPrivate7999
John Mills (2)Private61979
Nicholas MilburnPrivate65
William McNealCorporal6274
James McDonaldPrivate74037
Thos. MatthewsCorporalState1629
John McGuinisPrivateState1287
Isachea MasonCorporalState813
William ManlyPrivateState1962
Henry MansfieldPrivateState2540
John Moore (2)PrivateState966
John C. MillerPrivateState482
Jesse McKinseyPrivateGerman234
John McNeillPrivate4419
John Moore (4)Private4307
Adam MushlerPrivateGerman251
John McGallPrivateRecruit 811706
David MeadowsPrivateRecruit 811280
Roderick McKinseyPrivateRawlings'87
Aaron MichellPrivateRecruit 811640
Aleard MelvillePrivateRecruit 811966
Robt. MitchellPrivateRecruit 811509
Daniel MurphyPrivateRecruit 81211
Francis McCannPrivateRecruit 811548
John Morris (2)PrivateRecruit 811393
John Mills (3)Private73170
John Murray (1)Private71719
John McDonaldSergeant141
John McNightFifer135
Edward MahoneyPrivateState330
Benjamin MarshPrivate1968
Wm. MarlowSergeantRawlings'1612
Luke MerrimanPrivateRecruit 81910
John McCaliffDrummerRecruit 811795
Wm. MansfieldPrivateState1215
John MaglinPrivateState4033
Daniel MannPrivateState1709
Peter MelvinPrivate21801
John McClainPrivate31367
John Moore (5)Private7983
Thomas Matthews (2)PrivateRecruit 812026
Joshua McKinseyPrivateGerman882
Moses McKinseyPrivateGerman3020
Francis McGauranSergeantGerman1939
Patrick McKinseyPrivateRawlings'1088
John McBridePrivateRawlings'326
Thos. McKinseyPrivateRawlings'323
Zachariah MillsPrivateRecruit 813114
Abraham ManningPrivateRecruit 811238
Thomas MiePrivate21396
John MilsteadPrivate1140
James MooreGArtillery1356
Peter MaynorFiferArtillery108
Charles MuirittMArtillery1397
Robert MyersMArtillery395


Page #:

J. Thomas Scharf.

Public Domain

G = Gunner, M = Matross


Collection Location:
Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
28 x 20 cms

History of Western Maryland, Philadelphia: Louis H. Everts, 1882.

Land grants--Maryland--Allegany County--Maps; Land grants--Maryland--Garrett County--Maps; Francis Deakins

1778, Allegany and Garrett Counties, Maryland.

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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