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Civil War in Maryland
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Revolutionary War - Military lots (assigned to soldiers - Tomlin to Wood )

Military lots assigned to Maryland soldiers, 1778 Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


John TomlinPrivateGerman464
Peter TippetPrivate370
John TrustyPrivate31496
Samuel TaylorPrivate71116
Thomas TannerPrivate71161
James TitePrivateGerman4101
Anthony TuckerPrivate51759
Christopher TouchstonePrivate61069
William TaylorPrivate1996
Natley TippetPrivate1392
William TolandPrivate21305
Lambert ThompsonPrivate21377
John Taylor (1)Private21960
James Thomas, JrPrivate33103
John Turner (3)Private33068
Bartholomew TompsonPrivate21696
Richard TascoPrivate31513
Henry TownleyPrivate3333
Thomas ThompsonPrivate3118
Peter ToppingPrivate41708
John Taylor (2)Private41193
Evin TumblesonPrivate44025
Robert Taylor (2)Sergeant5903
Cornelius TomsonPrivate53003
George TaylorPrivate51690
John TurnerPrivate72036
James TerryPrivate33124
William Taylor (2)PrivateRawlings'1969
William Taylor, Jr (3)Private72529
James Thomas, SrSergeantState1064
Allen TownsendPrivateRecruit 811392
Levin ThomasPrivateRecruit 813012
James TignerPrivateRecruit 812503
John Thomson (1)PrivateRecruit 81975
Edward TannerPrivateRecruit 811529
Thomas ThomasPrivateRecruit 81199
John D. TullyPrivateRecruit 81942
John Thomas (2)PrivateRecruit 81232
George TwenchSergeantRawlings'394
Henry Tucker (2)SergeantRecruit 81820
John Turner (2)Sergeant71796
John Thomas (1)Sergeant674
Samuel TindallSergeant3957
Joseph ThompsonSergeant3865
Thomas TyackSergeantArtillery1087
John TurnerMArtillery1195
Rezin ThacknillPrivate11485
James TregoPrivate2126
William TuttenPrivate21999
John TuffPrivate61387
John ThomasPrivate64098
Aaron TownsendPrivate7807
John Turner (of Morris' Co)Private7109
Francis TaylorPrivateRecruit 81122
Evan ThomasPrivateRecruit 811222
Dennis TernanPrivate71406
Francis TycowitPrivateHazen's64
John TowlinLee's Legion1502
John German ThomasLee's Legion1386
Jesse ThompsonSergeantArtillery856
Cornelius VaughanPrivateGerman1942
Stephen VarlowPrivate23071
John VarlowPrivate51523
Edward VickersPrivateState1080
William VaughanPrivate21192
John VincentPrivate2917
John VanzantPrivate41122
Samuel VermillionPrivate11886
George VernonPrivateState1171
John VaughanSergeantArtillery1071
James VeazyLee's Legion3047
Thomas WoolfordPrivateGerman1834
Daniel WilliamsPrivateGerman275
John WilliamsPrivate11450
George Ward (1)Private1431
David WilliamsPrivate2243
William WheatleyPrivate2223
Andrew WingatePrivate2366
York WatersPrivate21809
Samuel B. WhitePrivate32009
George WindhamPrivate3145
William WestPrivate31254
William WilkesonPrivate31623
Charles Williams (1)Private31641
George WillsonPrivate53045
Jonathan WindellPrivate6139
Michael WiserPrivate74048
Motley WhitcombPrivate71774
Gabriel WilliamsSergeant71414
Richard WheelerCorporalState1413
John WhitcombPrivateState919
Walter WatsonPrivateState71
Benjamin WardSergeantState1601
Joseph WhitePrivate5904
Sylvester WheatleyPrivate21466
Jonathan WeedenPrivateRawling's1007
Alexander WestPrivate11184
William WillsonPrivate71353
Edward WrightPrivate41262
William WedgePrivate7982
John WillingPrivateRecruit 812425
Phillip WelshPrivateRecruit 81 & 42548
John WilkersonPrivateRecruit 81119
Samuel WrightPrivateGerman1988
George WatsonPrivateState1322
Charles WillettPrivateRecruit 811552
John Willing formerly Artillery998
John Wade (1)PrivateGerman35
Edward Wade (2)Private31101
William WhalandPrivateRecruit 81978
John WillisPrivateRecruit 811900
Nicholas WelchPrivateRecruit 80315
Benjamin Williams (3)PrivateRecruit 811897
Thomas Wood (3)PrivateRecruit 81877
Thomas WindomSergeant13106
John T. WestFifer13069
Jonathan WhitePrivate1886
Jesse WrightPrivate21412
John Welch (1)Private2885
Thomas Wood (1)Private21558
James Willson (1)Private21986
Thomas WimberPrivate22087
Thomas Wate, or WyattPrivate2343
Robert WalkerPrivate3302
Michael WoolfordPrivate31560
Frederick WillmottPrivate33122
Thomas WatsonPrivate3408
John Williams (1)Private32558
Barney WilsonPrivate3912
Robertson WoodPrivate41268


Page #:

J. Thomas Scharf.

Public Domain

M = Matross


Collection Location:
Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
28 x 20 cms

History of Western Maryland, Philadelphia: Louis H. Everts, 1882.

Land grants--Maryland--Allegany County--Maps; Land grants--Maryland--Garrett County--Maps; Francis Deakins

1778, Garrett County, Maryland.

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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