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Letter from Mrs Singer to Mayor Bowman (May 2, 1928)

Anna Brugh Singer writes to Hagerstown Mayor C.E. Bowman regarding her desire to give an art museum to Hagerstown. Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


May 2nd, 1928

Mayor C.E. Bowman,
Hagerstown, Maryland

My dear Mr. Bowman,

From Mr. Ruben Musey we received a letter in the last post expressing the appreciation of yourself and the Council of Hagerstown for the Museum Mr. Singer and I have the desire to give to my old home town. In answer I should like to thank you for your hearty cooperation in this long dreamed of plan of ours and also for your kindness in donating a beautiful spot in the Park on which to place the building.

Our intention is to build the 1st unit of the Museum, this of course to be the main building and sufficiently large to hold the small number of pictures, bronzes etc, already donated as also others we expect to give and have given from time to time. The main floor will consist of an entrance hall with a large room on either side, one to hold the permanent collection and the other for the use of traveling exhibitions. In the basement will be lecture and reference rooms. The Museum Committee will gladly give you all other information required.

We sincerely hope the plan and appearance of the Museum will meet with your approval, as our wish is to make the building one worthy of the treasures it will house, but at the same time in keeping with the size of the town, modest, but with a dignity and beauty befitting its purpose. As necessity demands other units, or wings shall be added, as also later, the bulk of the collection of pictures and objects of art we have in our own home–Thanking you again for your appreciative cooperation, and with the best wishes of my husband and myself for the success of this undertaking

Very Sincerely Yours

Anna B. Singer


Anna Singer

Washington County Museum of Fine Arts


Collection Location:
Washington County Museum of Fine Arts

Original Size:
28 x 22 cms

Washington County Museum of Fine Arts (Md.), Anniversaries, etc.; Washington County Museum of Fine Arts (Md.), History; Art museums, Maryland, Washington County, History; Hagerstown (Md.), history.

Washington County (Md.), 1928-2006

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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