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A glimpse into the future

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A glimpse into the future

HE was sitting in the living room when the idea came to him. Another moment and he was at the telephone. "Hello! Information? Where are they? Yes, they! Oh, pardon me. I mean the members of the class of '28. What do you say? Pl-lease tell me about each of them even if the reports are very brief. All right, I'll listen.

"Howard Malone has just given up his fifteenth unsuccessful attempt to swim Evitt's Creek. Alice Walmsley is running for President on a street car ticket.
Nevada Proudfoot is teaching at Okanoka College and she dearly loves her class of 'little angels.'
'Abie' Light and his fiddle are the main attractions at the Belvedere.
Cathern Weber is studying the eternal triangle from all three angles.
Mary Jane Rowley works three times a day: Breakfast, dinner and supper.
William Paterson has turned out his third State Championship team from Pinto Tech.
M. C. McMurry has the leading part in 'The Son of a Shriek" now playing at Spriggy Lloyd's.
Ruth Johnson is still maintaining that a woman has a perfect right to kill her husband if she wishes to do so.
Edward Foreman is Exalted Angora of the Brotherhood of Billy Goats.
Margaret Troutman's famous painting 'Catastrophe in Black' has won the praise of the art critics.
Elma Hudson is one of the said critics.
Ernie Schaidt has succeeded Mr. MacDonald as teacher of science at dear old Penn Hi.
Mary Fisher is taking up subscriptions for the starving heathens of Patagonia.
Almeda Gulbronson scuttles the ten little ones off to school every morning.
Eddie Yates always gets to the bottom of things. He's a ditch digger.
Reba Weber is still changing money at the planing mill cash register for Penn Hi soccer games. Dot Johnson is exercising her voice at Sing Sing. She is pleading insanity.
Mildred Twigg is leaving a clean trail behind her. She is a janitoress.
Walter Hull, the new famous jockey, has won the 6 7/8 Derby.
Wanda Gerard is writing testimonials for Fleischman's Yeast.
Raymond Hutson won the 100 yard dash in the Olympic games in nine flat—yes, nine days.
Wilma Goodrich is now the referee in the P. A. L. Penn Avenue has won the last two league pennants.
Anna Kate Roelke plays opposite M. C. McMurry in the 'Son of a Shriek.'
Roy Walburn is a recognized weather prophet because all his class prophecies came true."

"Oh! Is that all? Are you sure? Well, thank you. Good-bye."


Page #:

Pennsylvania Avenue High School, Cumberland, senior class.


Collection Location:
South Cumberland Library

Original Size:
26 cms x 20 cms

Printer: J. P. Bell, Lynchburg, Va.

School yearbooks; Cumberland (Md.)--Genealogy.

Cumberland, (Md.), 1928

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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