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Class poem

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When school's last lesson is ended and our books for aye laid aside,
When the fancies of youth have vanished and the work-a-day-cares abide,
We shall sit and dream in the twilight—watching the embers a-glow—
Till the years are bridged by memory to the Land of Long Ago.

And then in the sheen of the firelight we are thrilled by a magic spell
And the coals are changed into pictures of faces that seem to tell
They have found real work to please them, triumph, endeavor unfazed,
They have learned that all work is worth doing and brings its own mead of praise.

All are there, the gay and the grave, unbroken the ranks of the class,
Older grown, to be sure, and wiser but still the same boy and the same lass
Who once tormented the teachers—good sports though, nevertheless,
Who at basket-ball won and at soccer, for their dear old P. A. H. S.

And here in this charmed group-picture comes another face into view,
And each one with love turns towards her, as friend turns to friend anew,
And each in the warmth of her greeting and each in his well earned joys,
Shall see her faith as she saw it, in the good of her girls and boys.

And now are the pictures fading, as those last days faded too;
And there comes a tinge of sadness of an ashy drab-like hue,
But the sadness of the passing is a rosy omen bright,
For the fire flares forth in triumph, as the picture passes from sight.


Page #:

Pennsylvania Avenue High School, Cumberland, senior class.


Collection Location:
South Cumberland Library

Original Size:
26 cms x 20 cms

Printer: J. P. Bell, Lynchburg, Va.

School yearbooks; Cumberland (Md.)--Genealogy.

Cumberland, (Md.), 1928

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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