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Boys' basketball

Boys' basketball Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


All hail to Penn Hi's King of Sports! For three years basket-ball has been the leading sport at Penn Hi. The first year, a small scrub team with no coach played a number of independent teams and won from most of them. The second year we entered the W. M. I. League and although not winning many games we established a wonderful reputation for being good hard players and a school with a marvelous sportsmanship. The third year Penn Hi put a quint on the court that was the dark horse of the League.

The credit for the building up of our team goes to Coach Paisley, who worked hard to make our team a winning team and a clean team. Out of 12 W. M. I. League games Penn won 7 and out of 20 games played the whole season we won 14. Penn scored 738 points to her opponents' 522. This is a record for any team to be proud of.


Captain William Paterson (Forward). The best dribbler in the W. M. I. League and a clean righting player. "Pat" has been a regular on the Penn Hi Quint for three years and knows as much basket-ball as any player in the League. "Pat" graduates this year and will certainly be missed by the team.

Frederick Hamilton (Forward). A flash, a dazzle of light, a basket. That was only Freddy going down the floor for one of his famous two pointers. Here is one of the fastest forwards in the league, a wonderful passer and almost a sure shot.

Willard Gainor (Center). Hello "Splinters." Here's a big, tall, high leaping lad who got the tip on so many of the other "big boys" this season. Gainor is a wonderful dribbler and long shot and has almost assured himself a place on the All Star team next year.

Walter Hull (Guard). Here is the boy who got his place on the second All Star team of the W. M. I. League, and who makes such spectacular long shots. "Walt" is a clean, hard fighter and always does his best in a close, tight game. He is undoubtedly one of the best guards ever seen on the W. M. I. battlefield.

Clark Dicken (Guard). Here is the "Ole Boy" who kept down the scoring of the opposing teams so wonderfully. The boy is good who can get around "Lardy," and the team is proud to have a man like him on the team. Clark is a fighting player and always does his best.

Delbert Proudfoot (All Around Player). "Delb" is our youngest varsity player and plays either as forward or center. Delbert is an almost sure shot and much will be expected of him in the years to come. He is a real good sport and a clean hard player.

Penn Hi        62       Everett        17
Penn Hi        31       Piedmont        35
Penn Hi        60       Oakland        24
*Penn Hi        32       Central        11
*Penn Hi        40       Beall        39
*Penn Hi        19       Allegany        36
Penn Hi        42       Davis        30
*Penn Hi        14       LaSalle        37
*Penn Hi        36       Bruce        35
*Penn Hi        63       Barton        20
Penn Hi        34       Piedmont        22
Penn Hi        43       Everett        18
*Penn Hi        31       Bruce        33
*Penn Hi        20       LaSalle        31
*Penn Hi        43       Barton        13
Penn Hi        24       Davis        13
Penn Hi        42       Thomas        15
*Penn Hi        36       Central        24
*Penn Hi        33       Beall        32
*Penn Hi        31       Allegany        39
Penn Hi                     736
Opponents                      524

Student Manager, Ernest Schaidt. Here is the business man of the Senior Class. "Ernie" has the credit of managing the team for the last three years and we know that there is no one who could have managed the team as he has during his reign.

Cheer Leaders, Mildred Twigg and Raymond Hutson. It would scarcely be fair if we did not mention "Milly" and "Huttie" who helped us win our games from the side lines. They have been our cheer leaders for three years and have contributed a great deal toward our organized cheering.

*W. M. I. League Games.


Page #:

Pennsylvania Avenue High School, Cumberland, senior class.


Collection Location:
South Cumberland Library

Original Size:
26 cms x 20 cms

Printer: J. P. Bell, Lynchburg, Va.

School yearbooks; Cumberland (Md.)--Genealogy.

Cumberland, (Md.), 1928

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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