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Calendar - continued

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December 9—First basket-ball game. Won 43-18.
December 13—Pictures were sent to the engraver. Oh dear, how long now?
December 14—Our girls' basket-ball team is stepping out.
December 15—For once Miss Willison did not give us any French.
December 16—M. C. laughs. (Room 11 laughs with him.)
December 17—M. C. cries (Room 11 laughs at him.)
December 18—Note books due. Everybody absent.
December 19—"Beans" takes English class for an airplane ride.
December 20—Won from Oakland 60-12.
December 23—Out for Christmas holidays.
January 2—Life again. We are in school. Can't hear a thing but "What did you get?" and "Where did you go?"
January 3—Seniors turned over new leaf—Resolutions.
January 4—Mary Jane left her chewing gum at home. Hence—the daily torpedo practice not continued.
January 5—Won first W. M. I. game 32-11 Central.
January 6—Raymond had the hiccoughs. Someone was thinking of him. Wonder who?
January 7—"Shrimp" takes annual bath.
January 8—"Shrimp" in bed with pneumonia.
January 9—Mary Fisher is looking natural.
January 10—Pupils of Room 12 agree with Catherine Weimer.
January 11—Claude acted as crazy man in play—natural.
January 12—Yeh—notebooks.
January 13—Friday the 13th! Nothing missing but a black cat. We had four tests today.
January 16—Lost game with La Salle 31-21.
January 17—Try-outs for Musical Comedy "Pickles."
January 18—Missed Physics Class. What a relief.
January 19—Another whole Physics Class period gone—Almeda talking to the teacher.
January 20—Won from Beall 40-39. ( Some game.)
January 23—What? Ernie S. home from school, ill two whole days. Cause—at a party. Who—a certain dark-haired senior lass—R. W.
January 24—Unc. Walt had his hair combed.
January 25—Sh-sh—Mary Jane studied French.
January 26—Eddie Yates has a new flame—a sophomore.
January 30—Semester Examinations. Will terrors never cease?
January 31—Oh kids, guess what! Some one asked Miss Straight if all those bad girls and boys belonged to her? Was she insulted? Not much.
February 1—Beat Barton 43-13. Girls 25-10.
February 2—"Exams are over" (over our heads). Seniors all passed. (Out.)
February 3—Boys went to Davis. Won 28-23. Rah Rah. Sophomore dance.
February 6—Starting of Second semester. Last lap of school.
February 7—Won Central Game, 36-24.
February 8—Did not rain today.
February 9—Wanda has a crush on—! Did you think I'd tell you? Nuff sed, she has!
February 10—Nevada was at the game tonite and promised to make Delbert a plate of fudge if he would make a basket. He did—2 of them—Poor Nadie!
February 13—Yea Hair-ribbons.
February 14—Pool room burns. "Abie" homeless.
February 15—No excitement.
February 16—Milson caught working.
February 17—Game with Bruce. Boys 36-25. Girls 36-23.
February 20—Abie must have sold his violin, he got a hair cut.
February 22—Tryouts for Senior Class play "Kicked Out of College." Won Piedmont Game.
February 23—Almeda absent. Cause—at Party night before.
February 24—Game with Beall-—Won 33-32.
February 27—Milly comes to school, must be visitors' day.
February 28—We wonder why Goodie and Howard are so friendly? ? ?
February 29—Come on senior girls this is Leap Year.
March 1—Anna Kate had her hair in curls today and looks well! Abie began reciting "To be or not to be" what ?


Page #:

Pennsylvania Avenue High School, Cumberland, senior class.


Collection Location:
South Cumberland Library

Original Size:
26 cms x 20 cms

Printer: J. P. Bell, Lynchburg, Va.

School yearbooks; Cumberland (Md.)--Genealogy.

Cumberland, (Md.), 1928

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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