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Calendar - continued

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March 2—Wanda is very interested in the English teacher. We wonder why?
March 5—Overheard in cloak room:
Pat—Alice dearest, if you could see my heart you would see your name written there.
Alice—Yes, I know—but I'll bet it looks like a hotel register.
March 6—Sorority meeting. Dot and Ruth had good eats. Who said we couldn't have a good time without boys.
March 7—"Pickles" is progressing. Wonder if we will get any to eat?
March 8—Last practice of basket-ball.
March 9—Last Game—Won. Barton and Penn. Boys 65-20; Girls 21-9.
March 12—Sorority threw a party at Goodie's. Howard was astonished when he learned that Goodie had baked the marvelous chocolate cake.
March 13—Juniors elect Robert Mann, Editor-in-chief of The Quill for 1929.
March 14—Elwood and Marguerite go for a walk.
March 15—Bob and Milly are seen together. How strange!
March 16—Declamation contest. Elizabeth Watkins and Melvin Sack are the winners.
March 19—Walter introduced the "Flaming Youth Jazz Bow Tie;" caused a riot.
March 20—"Ali Baba" has only 39 thieves.
March 21—Oh Min! What a thrill! We broadcasted over the radio at the Liberty.
March 22—Heavens! Reports. The usual question, "How many E's have you?"
March 23—Basket-ball Party. We live and learn—Ice Cream and Cake took a curtain call and disappeared. Too bad.
March 26—Mary Jane comes to school on crutches. Another picture of "If nobody cared."
March 27—Miss Pritchard decided to give the seniors a holiday. No English. Things will happen.
March 28—Eddie I made a grand rush and saved a young lady from falling two flights of steps. That's the old spirit, Eddie.
March 29—Eddie I falls down two flights of steps.
March 30—Woodie got a hair cut.
Apr 2—Ruth told Howard the wrong answer today, consequently Howard is peeved.
Apr 4—Maurice professes his love for Carolyn.
Apr 5—Miss Covey was made hysterical by Sammy's silly "neigh neigh."
Apr 6—School called at nine.
Apr 9—Orpha and Lardy hike 23 miles.
Apr 10—Myrtle Chase becomes interested in "news-boys."
Apr 11—Dress rehearsal for "Pickles."
Apr 12—"Pickles" a huge success.
Apr—Pennsycanac staff for 1929 elected. Paul McDaniel, Editor.
Apr 16—The Quill goes to press.
Apr 17—Miss Straight disagrees with Webster.
Apr 18—Track practice begins in earnest.
Apr 19—Mrs. McMurry has poor business, everybody reducing.
Apr 20—Hi-Y dance.
Apr 23—Harvey Rice just found. Lost on the night of the Hi-Y dance.
Apr 24—Miss Willison owes Pat $2.00.
Apr 25—William Hanawalt does the 100-yard dash in 2 hours flat—he stopped for dinner.
Apr 26—Catherine Collins catches "Pup" Rice.
April 27—Harvey says Never More
May 1- P. I. Irons and Allegany Coleman go out for boys' baseball team.
May 3—Mr. Paisley lost.
May 4—Found in sewing room.
May 7—Election of officers for Gossip Club held in Room 9, George Tederick, President; Virgil Ambrose other member.


Page #:

Pennsylvania Avenue High School, Cumberland, senior class.


Collection Location:
South Cumberland Library

Original Size:
26 cms x 20 cms

Printer: J. P. Bell, Lynchburg, Va.

School yearbooks; Cumberland (Md.)--Genealogy.

Cumberland, (Md.), 1928

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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