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Jokes - continued

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Mary Jane: "What do they call the people who ride in the last three seats of a trolley?"
Alice: "Er—I give up."
Mary Jane: "Passengers."

Harvey: "Three men were standing under an umbrella and they didn't get wet."
Tommy: "How come?"
Harvey: "It wasn't raining."

Alice: "I just came back from Jack's funeral."
Howard : "Is he dead ?"
Alice: "Well, if he isn't they certainly played a dirty trick on him."

Mr. MacDonald (in biology) : "Now this plant belongs to the begonia family."
French S.: "Oh, I see, you're keeping it for them while they are away."

Edison, with all his inventions, was a piker compared to the ambitious young photographer who advertised: "Your baby, if you have one, can be enlarged, tinted and framed for $8.89."

Lanny: "Margaret, you are the 8th wonder in the world."
Maggie: "See that you don't go looking for the other seven."

Roy: "Did you hear the story about the "Golden Fleece'?"
M. C.:. "No, do they bite?"

Mr. Heisey (in assembly) : "Girls, I can't blame you for looking at your wrist watch several times during my lecture, but I do object to your holding it to your ear to see if it has stopped."

Mr. MacDonald (In Physics) : "Girls, I expect to give you a few dates on which to pin your information."
Milly: "I hope the pins don't slip."

Lost: One French book by Howard Malone, back torn and appendix covered with ink.

Mary F.: "Will you have cold cream in your coffee ?"

Kenny: "Buddy, how many natural magnets are known?"
Buddy: "Two, old top."
Kenny: "Name them."
Buddy: "Blondes and Brunettes."

Eddie Yates: "Almeda, you're the most beautiful girl I have ever seen."
Almeda: "Gee, you're quick in noticing things."

A chiropodist advertises: "I have treated corns and bunions of many of the crowned heads of Europe."

Patsy: "When I was young, the doctor said that if I didn't stop smoking I would become feeble-minded."
Ruth: "Well, why didn't you stop?"

Huttie: "What are you taking for your cold?"
Pat: "Make me an offer."

Mrs. Walburn: "Nonsense, Roy, of course you will have your hair cut."
Roy: "I will not, it's too feminine."

Abie: "I saw my doctor today about my loss of memory."
Kenny: "What did he do?"
Abie: "Made me pay in advance."

Alice: "Say, Mother, why didn't you tell me those chairs on the porch were painted. Pat and I sat on one and Pat got paint on his trousers.


Page #:

Pennsylvania Avenue High School, Cumberland, senior class.


Collection Location:
South Cumberland Library

Original Size:
26 cms x 20 cms

Printer: J. P. Bell, Lynchburg, Va.

School yearbooks; Cumberland (Md.)--Genealogy.

Cumberland, (Md.), 1928

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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