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Cabin in the Sky

<i>Cabin in the Sky</i> at New Embassy Theater Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


Notes of Appreciation
Supporters appreciated


This goes out to each of the 267 people who attended one of the three nights of discussion and the movie, Cabin in the Sky.

To Al Feldstein, the moderator, very special, heartfelt thanks for his research into local black history that made each night a wealth of information. And for his personality which made each night entertaining and a safe place to share.

To John Wiseman, Frostburg State's original black history professor, who first proposed the idea of a black film festival and whose insightful, insider information about black film tied the program together.

To Jo Beynon, whose memories of non-segregated Meyersdale, Pa., proved to be an extremely poignant part of each evening.

To the Cumberland Times News for its very thorough coverage of such an historic event.

Specifically to Jan Alderton for his belief in the concept and promotion of the program.

To Alison Bunting for her enthusiasm and great writing.

To Mark Simons for his talent behind the camera.

To Tom Cioni for his great ad work.

To Jack Kegg for his constant support.

To absolutely everyone who shared their own history and private memories for the edification of us all.

To Mark Baker for the fabulous movie photos and promos.

To The New Embassy Theater for hosting us.

Thank you all for teaching us that black history is not just for blacks anymore.

Stephanie R. Gates
Queen City Tours

Cumberland Times-News
March 11, 2000

Movie was good experience


This is a letter of appreciation to Stephanie Gates of Queen City Tours. The New Embassy Theatre, Inc. Board of Directors is grateful to have been selected by Ms. Gates for inclusion in her project to conduct a panel discussion of social conditions in Cumberland and in the United States during earlier decades and to show the 1943 Broadway musical, Cabin in the Sky, a wonderful example of the early black entertainment experience on film.

It was gratifying to see the Embassy filled to present capacity for each evening of the open discussion and film showing during the current restoration of the 1931 movie theatre. It is to Ms. Gates' credit that she recognized the need for, and devised, such an event that combined a fine example of cinema history in the context of its inclusion in a society where barriers of oppression once precluded better sense. The fact that the three-day event created enthusiasm and active participation and that all citizens of the Queen City came to enjoy the event together at the Embassy attests to how far we've come.

The Board of Directors is mindful of the multipurpose aspects of the New Embassy Theatre Building and will continue to engage the public in ways such as the precedent set by Ms. Gates, whose tenacity, hard work and diligence in presentation of the event is much appreciated. The Embassy also would like to thank panelists Jo Beynon, Dr. John Wiseman and moderator Al Feldstein for their welcome participation, and Jan Alderton, Alison Bunting and Richard Kerns of the Cumberland Times-News for their help in the promotion of this special black history event.

Mark Baker and The Board of Directors
New Embassy Theatre, Inc.


Cumberland Times-News


Collection Location:
Allegany County, Maryland

African Americans, History; Allegany County (Md.), History.

Allegany County (Md.), 1890-2008

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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