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U S. Hands-Off Integration Advised By Ike

U S. Hands-Off Integration Advised By Ike 
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U S. Hands-Off Integration Advised By Ike

Should Step In Only If Law Breaks Down


President Eisenhower urged today that school integration problems be solved without violence and said federal authorities should intervene only if local officials cannot keep order.

The solution, he added, will take time.

The President told his news conference the federal government should not move into an area “until states show their inability or their refusal to grapple with this question properly, which they haven't yet."

Newsmen asked Eisenhower several questions about public school integration, a program which has caused recent racial disorders at Clinton, Tenn., and Mansfield, Tex., among other places.

The President said "the South is full of people of good will, but they are not the ones we now hear.

"We hear the people that are adamant and are so filled with prejudice they even resort to violence; and the same way on the other side of the thing, the people who want to have the whole matter settled today. Teaching Takes Time

"There is a question of leading and training and teaching people, and it takes some time, unfortunately."

Arthur Sylvester of the Newark, N.J., News asked Eisenhower whether he endorsed the Supreme Court's 1954 ruling that racial segregation in the public schools is unconstitutional "or merely accept it as the Republican platform does."

"I think it makes no difference whether or not I endorse it," the President replied quickly.

"What I say is, the Constitution is as the Supreme Court interprets it; and I must conform to that and do my very best to see that it is carried out in this country."

Administration Policy
In stating the federal government should be careful about moving into a local disturbance, Eisenhower was following what .is understood to be the administration's policy in school integration cases.

The Department of Justice appears to be prepared to put its full legal weight behind those attempting to enforce the Supreme Court ruling. This takes the form of interventions, usually in the appellate courts.

The government apparently intends to rely on the power of federal injunctions and the use of contempts proceedings to bring about compliance with the high court ruling. Officials have indicated the use of physical force by federal authorities is not contemplated at present.


Used with permission of The Associated Press © 2007 All Rights Reserved.

Printed in the Cumberland News

Dwight D. Eisenhower (IKE) button from the collection of Albert and Angela Feldstein


Collection Location:
Allegany County, Maryland

African Americans, History; Allegany County (Md.), History.

Allegany County (Md.), 1890-2008

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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