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LaVale Suburbanite - January 1972

LaVale Suburbanite, January 1972 Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


THE NARROWS Gateway to LaVale and the West

Children Really Learn At Kindergarten Center

Despite the excellent record of good kindergartens many people seem to think, "the children only play and do not really learn." Such people should follow a five year old during a session at the Cumberland Kindergarten Center.

The teacher and aide in each of the twelve classrooms provide situations in which each child is encouraged to use concrete materials to deepen his understandings through sensory impressions. A child must have a real life experience before he can accept or begin to develop a concept. For example, while preparing a classroom jack-o-lantern, the child can have rich language experiences. However, to really experience a pumpkin, a kindergarten child must smell it, taste it, both inside and out. He relates to his world through all of his senses.

For the 576 pupils who attend the Center, the curriculum is as broad as life itself. Here is a list of a few of the informational items and attitudes they acquire:
1. They are guided into systematic number thinking through counting blocks, other objects, or each other, through taking turns, etc. They gain an understanding of numbers.

2. They learn to understand quantitative vocabulary such as more, less, bigger, smaller, taller, shorter, heavier, lighter, etc., through practical situations.

3. They learn the meaning of before, after, soon, now, next, morning, afternoon, today, yesterday, tomorrow. The names of the months become familiar. They think of the year as a succession of seasons and a recurrence of familiar holidays.

4. Language facility is promoted through dramatic play and conversation with the teacher, aide, and other children. Vocabulary is built also through carefully planned new experiences, telling stories, dramatic plays, and language games.

5. An interest in and a desire for reading is cultivated by making attractive new suitable books readily available for children's enjoyment. They are taught left-to-right progression and an understanding of the sequence in stories.

6. Auditory facility is developed through listening activities of interest to children of this age.

7. Kindergarteners learn much about the physical properties of things about them and how things work. They learn what makes a structure stable, how to steer wheeled vehicles, how a lever operates, how to use a pulley, magnet, or magnifying glass.

8. They learn about the needs and habits of plants and pets and about wind, weather, heat and other natural forces.

9. They learn to make observations, the exercise of judgement, to seek answers, and to carry through simple experiments.

10. The children learn to enjoy listening to music, singing songs, playing simple instruments, creating music thru rhythmic responses.

11. They learn to handle various art materials creatively and expressively.

12. Through guided observation they learn to notice differences and similarities in color, shape, pitch, etc. Visual acuity and eye-hand coordination are taught through puzzles, games, and the study of pictures.

13. Memory is cultivated through discussion of past events


LaVale Civic Improvement Association

LaVale Civic Improvement Association


Collection Location:
LaVale Library, Allegany County, Maryland.

Original Size:
30 x 23 cms

Eadie Loffert, Editor

LaVale (Md.); Allegany County (Md.) Newspapers.

LaVale, Allegany County, Maryland, 1968-1980

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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