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James Pain Catalogue 3

 Catalog of pyrotechnic goods sold by James Pain & Sons. Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information



One Hundred Dollar Selection.

1 Signal Maroon, exploding at great height with tremendous report

1 Pilot Balloon 20 feet in circumference, carrying a powerful Magnesium Light

10 Prismatic Lights, giving varied and charming effects

1 Battery of Roman Candles, Colored Stars

12, Colored Stars

9 " Manhattan Beach Tints

3 " Asteroids, detaching Floating Stars

3 " Pain's Prize Asteroids, each detaching Three Floating Stars, changing color several times, and finishing with a Silver Star

5 Golden Tourbillions, forming Cascades of fire in ascending

2 Jack-in-the-Boxes, with Eruptions of Varied Amusing Fireworks

2 Nests of Fiery Cobras

2 Batteries, exploding Mines of Crackers

24 Roman Candles, emitting Stars of latest tints

6 Pain's Special Shells, 4&1/2-in. diameter

3 " " " 5&1/2-in. "
with latest novelties and effects

1 Blazing Sun centred with a Revolving Iris Wheel

1 True Lover's Knot

1 Caprice Wheel, with continuous eccentric reversible imitations

1 Revolving Wheel, surmounted by a Coronet of Golden Gerbs

1 Flying Pigeon, with rapid flights from place to place, and returning

1 Jet of Jewels, throwing a column of color high into the air

1 Huge Golden Fountain, forming an immense Column of Fiery Spray

1 Motto Device (selected)

1 dozen Port Fires, for lighting


Page #:

James Pain & Sons

Printed catalogue of pyrotechnic goods


Collection Location:
Allegany County Library

Original Size:
30.5cm x 25cm

Pyrotechnists; History (Md.)

Eastern United States, 1889

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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