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James Pain Catalogue 4

 Catalogue of pyrotechnic goods sold by Pain's and Sons. Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information



Twenty-five Dollar Selection.

1 Signal Maroon, exploding with loud report

3 Tourbillions, forming Cascades of Fire while rising in the air

1 Balloon, with powerful Magnesium Light

1 Double Triangle Wheel, forming a radius of Silver Fire, centred with Crimson

12 Roman Candles, Bright Stars and Meteoric Rain

12 Roman Candles, Coloured Stars, Manhattan Beach tints

1 Jack-in-the-Box, with eruptions of varied amusing Fireworks

6 Brilliant Colored Lights, changing color continuously

8 Rockets, Coloured Stars

4 Rockets, Variegated

2 " Asteroids, detaching Floating Stars

1 Bouquet of Gerbs, producing blossoms of Golden Fire

1 Magnesium Light, giving an illumination of intense brilliancy

1 Devil-among-the-Tailors, a most amusing piece of Pyrotechny

1 Rainbow Wheel with Circles of Beautiful Colours, continually intersecting each other

1 Huge Fountain of Golden Spray forming an immense Column of Fire

1 Congreve Mortar, containing Shell of Variegated Stars, exploding at immense height

1 Dozen Port Fires, for lighting

Fifty Dollar Selection.

1 Balloon, carrying a powerful Magnesium Light

12 Prismatic Lights, changing colour four times

1 Rainbow Wheel, with circles of beautiful colors, continuously intersecting each other

1 Jack-in-the-Box, with eruptions of varied pyrotechnic effects

3 Golden Tourbillions, forming Cascades of Fire in ascent and descent

1 Huge Sun, emitting coruscations of Golden Spray, centred with a Revolving Prismatic Kaleidoscope

1 Mine with Bengal Light, giving a moonlight effect, afterwards discharging a cloud of Fiery Serpents

1 Huge Fountain of Golden Spray, forming a Column of Fire 30 ft. in height

12 Rockets, with Brilliant Stars

6 " with variegated Stars

2 Asteroid Rockets, each detaching Floating Lights

2 Asteroid Rockets, with several Floating Lights, changing color continuously while sailing through the air

1 Magnesium Light, causing immense brilliancy

1 Bouquet of Colored Gerbs, producing Blossoms of every hue

1 Double Triangle Wheel, forming a radius of Silver Fire, centred with Crimson Flame

1 Battery, emitting a cloud of Fiery Serpents

1 Caprice Wheel, with six distinct imitations, or eccentric productions

24 Roman Candles, discharging Colored Stars

6 Shells, exploding at great height, and emitting Pyramids of Variegated Stars, including the celebrated Manhattan Beach Tints

Port Fires, for lighting


Page #:

James Pain & Sons

Printed catalog with brown lettering


Collection Location:
Allegany County Library

Original Size:
30.5cm x 25cm

Pyrotechnists; History (Md.)

Eastern United States, 1889

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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