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Hagerstown Business References

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County Commissioners

JOHN L. BIKLE, Clerk of County Commissioner.
F.F. McCOMAS, Attorney of County Commissioners.
GEORGE B. OSWALD, Clerk of Circuit Court.
GEORGE F. BURKHART, Deputy Clerk of Court.
THOMAS E. HILLIARD, Registrar of Wills.
G.G. SALLIDAY, Deputy Sheriff.
S.S. DOWNIN, Surveyor and Civil Engineer — Office in Court House.
JOHN L. SMITH, Judge of Orphans Court.
EDWARD STAKE, States Attorney.
P.A. WITMER, School Examiner.
JOHN LEGGETT, Superintendent of County Almshouse.

GEORGE SCHLEY, Attorney at Law.
WILLIAM H. A. HAMILTON, Attorney at Law.
LOUIS E. McCOMAS, Attorney at Law.
GEORGE W. SMITH, Attorney at Law.
A. K. SYESTER, Attorney at Law.
GEORGE FREANER, Attorney at Law.
F. M. DARBY, Attorney at Law.
EDWARD W. MEALEY, Attorney at Law.
ALEX NEILL, Attorney at Law.
LEWIS C. SMITH, Attorney at Law.
EDWARD STAKE, Attorney at Law.
D. WEISEL, Attorney at Law.
WILLIAM T. HAMILTON, Attorney at Law.
H. H. KEEDY, Attorney at Law.
ALBERT SMALL, Attorney at Law.
HY. KYD. DOUGLAS, Attorney at Law.
A.B. MARTIN, Attorney at Law.
ALEX ARMSTRONG, Attorney at Law.
JAMES BEELER, Attorney at Law, and Solicitor in Chancery. Office West Washington Street
F.F. McCOMAS, Attorney at Law, Office opposite Court House in Mealey’s Row.

FIRST NATIONAL BANK, George Schley, President; P.B. Small, Cashier; No. 56 West Washington Street.
HOFFMAN, EAVEY & CO., W.W. Hoffman, Jos. T. Hoffman, Henry S. Eavey, Chas. S. Lane, Bankers and Brokers, 55 West Washington Street, next door to Court House.
A.R. APPLEMAN, Banker.

EDWARDS & CO., Book Sellers and Stationers, and Card Printers, 3 and 5 West Washington Street.
W.L. HAYS, Dealer in Books, Stationery, Music, Blank Books, and Window Shades. Two doors East of Washington House.
WALTER A. MOBLEY, Proprietor of Book Store, Headquarters for Public School Books. All Books Furnished at Lowest Prices; Letter, Note, and Cap Paper, Large Assortment of Fancy Paper in Boxes, Envelopes of all kinds, Pens, Pencils, Ink, School Satchels, Book and Shawl Straps, Wrapping Paper, Paper Bags, etc. Opposite Bowman’s Confectionery.

P. B. SMALL & SON, Manufacturers of, and Dealers of all kinds of Boots, Shoes, Trunks, Satchels, etc. Try OUR OWN MAKE. No. 14 Public Square.
GETLINGER & CONDRY, Dealers in Boots, Shoes, Hats, Trunks, Satchels and Umbrellas. First Class Goods at Moderate Prices. West Washington Street.
W. F. ORNDORF, Proprietor of Cheap Clothing,
B. F. RIGNEY, Dealer in Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Trunks, and Notions, North Potomac Street.
C.G. BREZLER, Manufacturer of all kinds of Boots, and Shoes of the Latest Patterns. Also all kinds of Repairing done at the shortest notice. West Franklin Street, near Market-House.

T. McCAMMON, Proprietor of Blacksmith Shop. Horseshoeing a Specialty. Shop in Rear of Franklin House.
WM. MARR & SONS, Blacksmiths, Manufacturers of Iron Railings of all kinds. Railings for Grave Lots, House Yards, Porches, Verandas, Windows etc., made to order. Also Gurder Plates, Anchors, Ties, Rods, and all building irons, and Iron Coffin Covers. Have had forty years experience in horseshoeing. Treat all diseases of the Horse’s foot. Make and furnish a Hoof Ointment, and do all kinds of Repairing. Corner of Franklin and Jonathan Streets.
GUMBERT & MOBLEY, (W.E. Gumbert and W.E. Mobley) Proprietors of CARRIAGE WORKS. Are Practical Workman, and give their individual attention to all Departments. Give satisfaction in quality and price. Repairing Attended to with Despatch, No. 25 East Washington Street.

JUSTUS HEIMEL, Brewer, No. 20 South Potomac Street.
WILLIAM WAGNER, Proprietor of Lager Beer and Ale Saloon, Potomac Street.

R.C. THORNBURG, Contractor, Carpenter, and Builder.
J.C. DAYHOFF, Contractor and Builder. Drawings and Specifications furnished for all kinds of Buildings. Materials furnished if desired. 49 Potomac Street.
WILLIAM C. STOUFFER, Contractor, Carpenter, and Builder.
P.J. FELLINGER, Carpenter and Builder.
O.B. OLIVER, Carpenter, Contractor, and Builder, West Washington Street.
ADAM DOARNBERGER, Carpenter, Contractor and Builder.
ALBERT HEIL, Carpenter, Contractor, and Builder.

JACOB ROESSNER, Baker and Confectioner. Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Fruits. All kinds of Nuts, and the best French candies. Parties supplied with Ornamental Cakes and Ice Cream at short notice. Pure Candies of our own manufacture constantly on hand. S. E. Cor. of Public Square.
G. R. BOWMAN, Confetcioner and Fruit Dealer. No. 41 W. Washington Street.
GEORGE L. WINTER, Wholesale and Retail Baker, Confectioner, and Dealer in Fruit, Nuts and Fancy Candies. Parties supplied with all kinds of Ornamental Cakes and Pyramids. Ice Cream at shortest notice. Pure Candies of our own manufacture constantly on hand. 46 W. Washington St.
JOHN H. COOK, Manufacturer of all kinds of Crackers, Cakes, Snapps, etc. Near the B. and O. R.R.

M.L. BYERS, Dealer in Drugs, Medicines and Chemicals, Fancy and Toilet Articles, Sponges, Brushes, Perfumery, etc.
DR. J. E. SWALLOW, Dentist. Teeth saved with fine gold, a specialty. Twenty one years’ experience. REFERENCE. Patients and experienced Dentist. Charges, for set of Teeth, to suit Patients. The Dental Silk Floss Holder for thoroughly cleaning between the Teeth, No. 81 and 83 W. Washington St.

P. A. BRUGH, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Dry Goods, Notions, and Fancy Goods, No. 40 Washington St.
YINGLING, Dealer in Staple, Fancy and Mourn ing Dress Goods, Domestics, Notions, Hosiery, Gloves, and Trimmings. The old motto strictly adhered to, “Good goods at small profits, and quick sales.”
R. O. HOLLIDAY, Dealer in Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots, Shoes, and Notions for cash, No. 33 Potomac Street, opposite the Market-House.

CHARLES W. HENNEBERGER, Manufacturer and Dealer in Palor, Chamber, and Dining Room Furniture, Wood and Cane-Seat Chairs, Mattresses and Bedding. No. 10 and 12 South Potomac St.
CHAS. M. SUTER, Manufacturer and Dealer in Furniture, Undertaking in all its Branches. Repairs of all kinds receive prompt attention.
CHAS. F. LITTLE, Dealer in Furniture, 11 Public Square.

S. M. BLOOM & CO. (S. M. Bloom and David Artz.) Grocers.
L. H. SCHINDEL, Dealer in Groceries, Queensware, Glassware, Wooden and Willow Ware. 148 W. Franklin St.
LEWIS HEIST, Wholesale and Retail Grocer, and Dealer in Swiss and Limburger Cheese, Hollowmard Herrings, and different kinds of German and French Dried Vegetables. All kinds of Country Produce taken in Exchange. S. Potomac St., near Public Square.
J. H. BLAKE, Dealer in Fancy and Staple Groceries, Glass and Queensware, Flour, Feed, etc. All kinds of Country Produce taken in Exchange for Goods, or Purchased at highest Cash Price.
JACOB WINCH, Dealer in Groceries, Candies, Cigars, Tobacco, Notions, etc. Cor. Mulberry and Franklin St.

FRANKLIN HOUSE, George Middlekauff, Proprietor. Omnibus and Porters at all Depots to convey Guests to the House free of Charge.
ANTIETAM HOUSE, J.H. Cretin, Proprietor. West Washington Street. Private Boarding-Room for the Exhibition of Samples on First Floor. The House has been thoroughly renovated and refurnished, and is kept in First-Class style. The table is supplied with the best the market affords. Free Omnibus from all Depots. Daniel B. Cramer, Clerk.
HOOVER HOUSE, Jos. Hoover, Proprietor, N.E. Cor. Franklin and Potomac Sts.
MANSION HOUSE, John Riley, Proprietor, near Depot of Cumberland Valley and Western Maryland R.R.

WILLIAM SCHLOTTERBECK, Manufacturer and Dealer, in Tin, Copper, and Sheet Iron Ware, Stoves, Gas Fixtures, etc. Also Gas Fitting. Terms Cash.
McKEE BROTHERS, Dealers in Hardware and Cutlery of every Description. Paints, Oil, Glass, Putty, Brushes, etc. Potomac St. Near Market House.
JAMES A. PILKINGTON, Dealer in Stoves, Tin, Sheet Iron, Copper and Hollow Ware, etc. No. 16 Public Square.

H. A. McCOMMAS, General Insurance Agent. Office N. W. Public Square.
G. W. POLE, Treasurer and Agent of “Planters Mutual Insurance Company,” Washington Co.

GEO. D. KELLER, Dealer in Silver Ware, Clocks, Jewelry and Elgin Watches. Spectacles a Specialty. Repairing Promptly done.
G. E. MURRAY, (Successors to Thomas A. Boult.) Jeweler and Dealer in Elgin Watches, 16 West Washington St.

KING & McLAUGHLIN, (Samuel L. King and Samuel Z. McLaughlin.) Proprietors of Washington House Livery Stable.
COST & ROUSZER, Proprietors of Livery Stable in rear of Court-House. Horses, Carriages and Buggies in good trim. Orders promptly filled, and terms low.
R. C. BAMFORD, Proprietor of Livery, Sale and Boarding Stable. Fine Rigs of all kinds to Let, and good Boarding for Horses, at lowest cash price.
MIDDLEKAUFF’S. Livery Stable near Hagerstown Bank. Horses, Buggies, Hacks, etc. in good trim hired on reasonable terms. Omnibus can be Chartered for County Trips, and will be waiting at depots. Give him a call. Orders can be left at Franklin House or Stable.

HAGERSTOWN AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENT MANUFACTURING COMANY, Manufacturers of “Jones & Miller’s” Celebrated Combined Clover Seed Thresher, Separator, Huller, and Cleaner. Also “J.F. Keller’s” Patent Unrivaled Grain, Seed and Fertilizing Drill. (With or without Guano Attachments.) Also the Best Spring Tooth Horse Rake, and Best Tripple Geared Horse Power in Use. Power Jacks, etc. Repairing done promptly, and in best manner. Incorporated under the general laws of Maryland. A. R. Appleman, President, J. M. Knodle, Secretary, H. K. Tice, Treasurer, D. F. Hull, Superintendent.
HAGERSTOWN STEAM ENGINE AND MACHINE COMPANY. (Successors to Garver & Flanigan.) Manufacturers of Garver & Bikles’ Celebrated Empire Thresher and Separator, and latest Improved Tripple-Geared Down and Mounted Horse Power. Threshing Engines, Shafting, Pulleys, etc. Special attention paid to Repairing. John Garver, Sup’t.
GEORGE UPDEGRAFF & SON, Wholesale and Retail Glove Manufacturers. Also Dealers in Hats, Furs and Gents’ Furnishing Goods.
ANTIETAM PAPER MILLS, Manufacturers of Fine Book and Print Papers. Location Antietam Creek, Two Miles E. of Hagerstown.
AMES, MANNING & AMES, Manufacturers of Pure Bone Meal and Bone Flour for Fertilizing Purposes.
D. & C. GARVER & CHARLES A. BIKLE, Machinists, Manufacturers of the Empire Threshing Machine.

JOHN D. SWARTZ, Merchant Tailor, Keeps constantly on hand a well-seletced Stock of Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings, and Gents’ Furnishing Goods. N. W. Cor. Public Square.
WM. S. SWARTZ, Merchant Tailor and Clothier. 8 W. Washington St.
JOS. H. FIERY, Merchant Tailor and General Dealer in Boys and Men’s Ware. No. 10 W. Washington St.
C.G. BORYER, Merchant Tailor and Dealer in Cloths, Cassimeres, and Vestings. Also Gent’s Furnishing Goods. Under the Washington House.
M. H. FELLHEIMER, Merchant Tailor and Manufacturer and Dealer in Ready-Made Clothing, Gent’s Furnishing Goods, etc. Schindel’s Building, 39 W. Washington St.

J. H. WILLS, Marble Worker. Orders for Monuments, Head Stones, Tombs, Statues, and Carvings, Executed in the best style of the Art at short notice, and upon Reasonable Terms.
D. B. STOUFFER, Manufacturer of Monuments, Tomb Stones, Mantles, Table Tops, etc., and Dealer in Foreign and Domestic Marble. Potomac
GEORGE N. FREDERICK, Stone Cutter at D.B. Stouffer’s.

BELL & CO. (E. Bell --T. J. C. Williams.) Publishers of the “Mail.” Steam Book and Job Printers.
NORRIS & GRUBER, Editors and Proprietors of The Twice A Week. Published every Tuesday and Friday, at $2.50 per year. Office in Fechtig Building, N. W. Cor. Public Square.
ADAMS & HERBERT, Publishers of the “Daily News.” The only Daily in Washington County. Independent in Everything. Terms Five Dollars per Year. Also the “Weekly News.” The Cheapest and best Family Paper in the County. More Reading Matter than any other paper in the County. Terms One Dollar Per Year in Advance.

DRS. WILLIAM RAGAN & SON, (W. Ragan, M. D. O.H.W. Ragan, M. D.) Physicians and Surgeons. Office W. Washington St.
DRS. N. B. SCOTT & SON, Physicians.
R. T. HARMON, Homoepathic Physician. Particular attention given to Chronic Disease. 35 Potomac St.
DR. J. B. McKEE, Physician.
DR. M. W. ALLISON, Physician.

WM. S. DUFFEY, House and Sign Painter, Glazier and Paper Hanger. Shop N. Potomac St.
M. M. GRUBER & BRO. House and Sign Painters, Glaziers, and Paper Hangers, etc. Shop No. 46 W. Potomac St.

J. H. WAGNER, Photographer and Dealer in Frames and Chromos. Opposite Franklin House.
W. T. PHREANER, Photographer and Dealer in Chromos, Picture Frames, etc. First Class Work Guaranteed in all Cases. Enlarged Copies from Old Pictures Carefully Made. Frames Made to Order to Suit any Picture. Special Attention given to Photographing Residences, or Other Out-Door Work in Any Part of the County. W. Washington St. near Public Square.

COST & ROUZER, Harness Maker and Saddlers. All Kinds of Repairing Done at the Shortest Notice.
J. C. SIMLER, Manufacturer and Dealer in Harness, Saddles, Bridles, Collars, Whips, Robes, Blankets, Brushes, Combs, Fly Nets, etc. Repairing Promptly Attended to. The Celebrated Vacum Oil Blacking Always on Hand. 26 N. Potomac Street.

JOHN F. A. REMLEY, Teacher.
O. M. WARNER, Teacher.
M. H. HUYETT, Teacher.
JOS. B. UPDEGRAFFS, Practical School for Boys and Girls. S. E. Cor. Washington and Mulberry Sts.
REV. C. L. KEEDY, A. M., Principal of Hagerstown Seminary for Young Ladies. Scholastic Year Begins September, and ends the following June. Faculty of Nine Instructors. Average for 1875 and 1866 of 114 pupils. Location Pleasant and Healthful.

F. DORSEY HERBERT, Dealer in Liquors, Groceries, and a General Variety of Goods in this Line. Lyceum Building.
THOMAS J. WALKER, Dealer in Fine Wines, Liquors, Flasks, Demijohns, Tobacco and Cigars. Specialty in Fine Liquors, Gins, Brandies, etc. Public Square.
GEO. W. WALKER, Dealer in Foreign and Domestic Liquors, Wine, Ales, Bar Fixtures, etc. Public Square.
W. W. WALKER, Wholesale Dealer in Imported and Domestic Wines and Liquors. Successor to George F. Heysers’ Celebrated Wines. The WALKER WINE COMPANY Offer a Superior Article of Pure Native Wine. Isabella, Norton, Va., Concord, Clinton and Catawba. W. Side Public Square.

GEO. SHARER, Agent for the Singer Sewing Machine. Light running and reliable. Suitable for all kinds of Family Sewing.
E. WAYS, Agent of B. & O. R. R. Depot near Jonathan and Antietam Sts.
W. R. HEIRONIMUS, Butcher, Dealer in all kinds of Fresh Meats, Sausages, etc. No. 9 Market House.
WM. H. SHILDNECK, Tanner and Currier, and Dealer in Hides and Leather.
MARTIN HAPPEL, Manufacturer of Earthenware. No. 75 E. Washington St.
CHARLES M. FUTTERER, Auctioneer and Commission Merchant. To be found at 10 and 12 S. Potomac St.
T. B. THIRSTON, Dealer in Lumber and Coal.
J. H. LUSHBAUGH, Plasterer.
JOSEPH I. KERSHNER, Manufacturer of all Kinds and Styles of Corn Brooms.
B. A. GARLINGER, Trader and Shipper of Horses, Mules, Cattle, etc. No. 230 West Washington Street.
EZRA SUMMERS, Proprietor of Brick Yard. Brick burned to order, and kept on sale. Head of Mulberry St.
T.C. McCOMMAS & CO. Dealers in Grain, Coal and Fertilizers. Warehouse N. Potomac Street,
Extended East Hagerstown Station, W. M. R. R.
SCHINDEL & EWERS, (George Schindel and Milton Ewers,) Dealers in Agricultural Implements of all kinds, near Public Square.
H. KEMP, Proprietor of Dairy, Milk Delivered Fresh twice per day. Post-Office Address - Funkstown.
WM. AVIS, Owner and Proprietor of Shaffer’s Old Flouring Mills. One and a quarter mile Southwest of Downsville, Manufacturer of Flour, Feed, Meal and Plaster. All Kinds of Grinding Done to Order. P. O. Downsville.


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Lake, Griffing and Stevenson

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Washington County Free Library

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Landowners, Maryland, Washington County, Maps.

Washington County (Md.), 1877

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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