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Obituaries - Wright

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(wife of WILLIAM WRIGHT)- (Continued)

Christ, was, ‘I still trust in Him. He is my Saviour.’ Her dying words were ‘Praise Jesus,’ Maryland, December 14th, 1789. It is remarkable that her twin sister and herself should have married brothers, both become widows, live on until 93 years had completed its duration; then Mrs. Elizabeth Wright fell asleep in Christ and Mother Wright continued to live on and reached the advanced age of 96. Born in the first year of Washington's administration, she lived to see the first year of the present administration of Mr. Cleveland. How many changes have taken place in that period of time. The summons at last came, it found her ready and waiting, and now she lives with the majesty beyond the river of death. One daughter, Miss Sarah Wright, mourns the absence of her mother. The grand-children and some great grand-children will miss the sunny, happy countenance of the aged saint. Concerning her we can say, ‘Blessed is the dead, who has died in the Lord.’” [source: unnamed sheet found in Frostburg Museum]

b. February 9, 1782
d. March 10, 1867
a. 85 yrs. 1 mos. 1 dy.

See Wright-Neff Family Chart in Chapter 5.

b. December 18, 1785
d. January 10, 1857
a. 71

“Died. At his residence, near Frostburg, on the 10th day of January, 1857, our worthy citizen, WM. WRIGHT, in the 71st year of his age.
The well known character of the deceased, for integrity and justice to his fellow men, gained the respect of all acquainted with his character. He closed his eyes after several weeks of severe suffering with the hope of eternal rest from all earthly labors. We offer consolation to his bereaved family who have been called upon to mourn the loss of one so near and dear. —Com.” [DEMOCRATIC ALLEGANIAN 1-17-1857, p. 3]

Mr. Wright’s property adjoined John Neff’s lot where the English Lutheran Church held services in 1812 [Scharf, p. 1483].

The following individuals were mentioned in Mr. Wright’s will, located in the Allegany County Courthouse: Sarah (daughter); Susan (daughter), James Jones Englar (grandson); Mary Lizzie Rizer (granddaughter); Thomas W. Wright (son).

(son of Benjamin and MARGARET JENKINS YATES)
b. April 1862
d. January 27, 1908
a. 45

“The lifeless remains of Joseph Yates, of Allegany, were found by his sister yesterday afternoon at 2 o’clock in a field nearby. The unfortunate man had spent the night before in company with some convivial companions and it is presumed he became intoxicated and succumbing to the effects of liquor in his endeavor to get home laid down and froze to death. Coroner Martz held an inquest yesterday evening and rendered a verdict of death by freezing. Yates was 45 years of age and unmarried.” [CET 1-28-1908]

b. 1827
d. February 28, 1904
a. 77

“Died. At Allegany Sunday, February 28, 1904, Mrs. Margaret Yates, aged 59 [sic] years, wife of Benjamin Yates, of that place.” [FMJ 3-3-1904, p. 2]

“The funeral of Mrs. Yates, wife of Benjamin Yates, whose death occurred Sunday morning at 4 o’clock at Allegany Mines after an illness of about four weeks from paralysis, took place this afternoon at 2 o’clock from the late residence at Allegany. Rev. James, pastor of the Methodist Church at that place, conducted the funeral service
Interment was made in the Percy Cemetery on West Main Street at this place.
Mrs. Yates was one of the oldest and most highly respected ladies of the village in which she resided. She was a very devoted member of the Baptist church and was in sixty-eighth [sic] year at the time of her death. The deceased leaves her husband and the following children to mourn the loss of a kind and loving wife and mother: William H., Lord; Mrs. Jerry Miller, Borden Shaft; Mrs. David Lewis, Pittsburg [sic]; Mrs. John Lewis, Consolidation; Mrs. Wm. Llewellyn, Ocean; and Misses Mary and Ruth of Allegany” [CET 3-1-1904, p. 3]

b. 1812
d. February 15, 1882
a. 70

“Died. Near Mt. Savage, Wednesday evening, February 15, 1882, Mary Yates, aged 67 [sic] years, [second] wife of William Yates. The deceased leaves a number of relatives in this place.” [FMJ 2-18-1882, p. 3]

b. January 25, 1818
d. October 14, 1869
a. 51

This information was found in Scharf's partial list of those buried in Percy Cemetery. Mrs. Yates’ headstone states that she was born in England. She was the first wife of William Yates.


Page #:

Anthony E. Crosby and Michael R. Olson


Collection Location:
Frostburg, Md

Original Size:
28 x 22 cms

Cemeteries, Maryland, Frostburg; Obituaries, Maryland, Frostburg. .

Frostburg (Md.), 1800-1972

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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