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Third Party Candidates and Primary Hopefuls

Third Party Candidates and Primary Hopefuls Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


Third Party Candidates and Primary Hopefuls, page 2

The following buttons represent a sampling of unsuccessful Third Party candidates and primary election hopefuls:

General Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964) was a World War II hero serving in the Pacific Theater. He was one of several considered for the 1948 Republican nomination, and his continued great popularity led to speculation that he would seek the Republican nomination in the 1952 election. He was not a candidate.

Henry A. Wallace (1888-1965) served as FDR's Vice-president from 1941-1945. He unsuccessfully ran for President in 1948 as the nominee of both the Progressive and American Labor Parties. Wallace received 1,157,326 popular votes.

Strom Thurmond (1902-2003) was elected Governor of South Carolina in 1948 and later served as a U.S. Senator from South Carolina from 1955 to 2003. He ran for President in 1948 as the States' Rights Democratic (Dixiecrat) Party candidate. He won four states, received 39 electoral votes, and garnered 1,462,452 popular votes representing 3.0% of the total votes cast. His running-mate for Vice-president was Fielding L. Wright (1895-1956), who had served as Governor of Mississippi from 1946 to 1952. The Dixiecrats were basically segregationists and opposed to President Harry S. Truman's relatively liberal civil right's policies. Thurmond left the Democratic Party in 1964 and became a Republican. The "Save the Constitution" button is actually from 1968 when Thurmond was being urged for a period of time to consider a run for the Presidency.

Wilbur Mills (1909-1992) was a U.S. Congressman from Arkansas. He made an early and unsuccessful bid for the Democratic Party's Presidential nomination in 1972. He is remembered for being found intoxicated after a traffic accident in 1994 and with a stripper from Argentina named Fanne Fox. She jumped into the Tidal Basin in an attempt to avoid the police.

Homer A. Tomlinson (1892-1968) was the Presidential nominee of the Theocratic (Church of God) Party in 1952, 1960, 1964, and, according to some sources, 1968.

Henning A. Blomen (1910-1993) was the Socialist Labor Party's candidate for the Presidency in 1968. His running-mate was George S. Taylor and together they received a total of 55,591 votes.

Peter Camejo (1939-2008) was the Socialist Worker's Party Presidential nominee in the 1976 election. He was also independent candidate Ralph Nader's Vice-presidential running-mate in 2004. Despite having the endorsement of the Reform Party, they received only 463,653 votes, or only 0.38% of the total votes cast.

Linda Jenness (1941- ) was the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) candidate in her unsuccessful bid for the Presidency in 1972. Her running-mate was Andrew Pulley, and together they received a total of 52,799 votes. Pulley was also the SWP's Presidential candidate in 1980.

Dr. Benjamin Spock (1903-1998), was a famous Pediatrician and baby book author who later became a political activist and strong opponent to the Vietnam War. He was the People's Party Presidential candidate in the 1972 election. His Vice-presidential running-mate was Julius W. Hobson (1922-1977).

Dick Gregory (1932-2017 ) was a comedian and writer. He was better known to many as a long time civil rights and political activist whose involvement spanned from the early 1960s to 2017. The smaller button depicted here is from the 1968 Presidential campaign when he ran as a write-in candidate for the Freedom and Peace Party. Gregory formed this Party upon loosing the nomination of the Peace and Freedom Party to Eldridge Cleaver. Several people were identified as possible running-mates for Gregory, including David Frost (1939- ). The Peace and Freedom Party was founded in 1967.

Eldridge Cleaver (1935-1998) was a black activist who joined the Black Panther Party soon after they were formed in 1966. In 1968 he ran for President of the United States on the Peace and Freedom Party (founded 1967) ticket. As depicted on one of the buttons shown here, Judith Mage was Cleaver's Vice-presidential running-mate. Cleaver received 36,385 votes.


Al Feldstein

Al Feldstein

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LaVale, Maryland

Campaign paraphernalia, United States, History; Presidents, United States, Election, History.

United States, 1896-2008

Western Maryland Regional Library
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