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Washington County, Taxes (Elizabeth Hundred page 2, part c)

Elizabeth Hundred Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


Horses£Cattle£Sheep/hogsStills£Carriages£FurniturePers. PropTotal
Robert Hughes675.0.0
Sabastian Hartle636814121072.0.0261.0.0
Jacob Harter318483231.
Thomas B. Hall205.0.0600.4.0
Peter Humrichhouse110.0.0
Widow Hyser6.8.0
Miss Lettice Hale160.0.0267.4.0
James Hammett321681232.
Sarah Hammett550.0.0XXXXX
Daniel Hughes40.0.0
William Hammett214571224.
Daniel Hiesters Heirs2870.0.0
David Harry270.0.0
Kinsey Hughes7425861586.0.0270.19.0
Henry Jacobs19.16.0
John Julius67.10.0
Samuel Kromer630595650.0.0306.15.0
Michael KappXXXXX
John V. Kelly11212.
Leonard Kuhn59.8.0
Jacob Lighter ? 420582333.
Abraham Lighter ? 18242317.0.0XXXXX
George Lydie3257104443.
John Lighter210241217.
Jacob Lachron76011191212103.0.0229.10.0
Christian Lantz117728502022540212.0.01057.5.0
Micheal Lowrey5408147465.
Simon Lachron43291451566.0.0145.4.0
Henry W. Lewis10807149448Chariot ? 38100352.6.81379.1.8
Upton Lawrance2601.2.0
Adam Mowrer110462220.
Christian Miller97242531821515173.0.0173.0.0
John Middlecalf347.16.0
Daniel Middlecalf432112053592.
Thomas McNamee54061061571.
William Miller110123115.0.0115.0.0
Job McNamee2161016132570.0.0205.6.0
Moses McNamee22020.
George McNamee3305921051.
George Miller120481Phaeton1240111.16.8311.16.8
Geo. Miller & ? Julius197.10.0
John Mogers864172791225127.0.0399.0.0
John Newson ? 4247117547.
George Neigh150.8.0
Jacob Neigh4323511048.0.0XXXXX
Adam Ott46.5.0
Peter Ortz1102531028.
Richard Pindele963172614369.0.0751.19.0
Jacob Ritter ? 42511154347.
Jacob Ritters Heirs165.0.0


Page #:

Washington County

Name variants: Michael


Collection Location:
Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
47 x 29 cms

Tax assessment, Maryland, Washington County

Washington County, Maryland, 1803.

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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