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Washington County, Taxes (Marsh Hundred, page 1, part c)

Marsh Hundred Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


Horses£Cattle£Sheep/hogsStills£Carriages£FurniturePers. PropTotal
William Adams43241051663.
Rapheal Armstead1122461032.
Micheal Avey42451062060.0.0300.0.0
Samuel Avey2124962047.0.0200.12.0
Peter Avey2202040.0.0225.0.0
John Ashbury3183615189.0.0189.0.0
John Adams75612251215124.4.9124.4.9
Henry Artz2303771559.0.0142.4.0
Henry Aikle4321020818169.0.0521.0.0
Stephen Bryan5351525615201.0.0XXXXX
John Bryan96016321315368.0.0368.0.0
James Bailey212362525.
Daniel Beene110251227.
Nicholas Baker6482036712139.0.0139.0.0
David Brockoonier64841231275.
Jacob Byers660816515141.0.0303.0.0
Jacob Brockoonier424362840.
John Byers43261241260.
Henry Bowser42451051554.0.0245.14.0
Daniel Bowman31871431045.0.0118.16.0
Micheal Beard110251530.
Samuel Briscoe15265.0.0XXXXX
Susanah Briscoe10100.0.0XXXXX
John Booth1920030603222545998.11.02661.1.0
Peter Cenciel?640122461282.
Erastmas Cawood 2162631035.
Jeremiah Cross2163651037.
Philip Cline99016301015313.0.0313.0.0
William Clarke432122071069.0.0XXXXX
Henry Clapper4246125647.
Frederick Caw312362424.
John Combs8481020131899.
Coleman Combs75622441418200.0.0200.0.0
Lewis Combs8801530920194.0.0194.0.0
Abraham Cornegys127222441720273.0.0XXXXX
Robert Cowen4242421141.
John Carr84825501825470.4.9470.4.9
Henry Coffman64871451279.0.0254.10.0
John Conoly216241829.
George Carey318112251720117.0.0597.0.0
Elijah Chaney636510820203.0.0338.0.0
Charles Chaney3183641093.0.0231.0.0
David Chaney21636101042.
Jeremiah Chaney Sr.75612241020278.4.9862.4.9
Jeremiah Chaney Jr.640612101072.0.0160.0.0
Thomas Chaney3184851041.0.0XXXXX
Joseph Chaney7567141218320.0.0626.9.0
Joseph Clarke2193621863.
William S. Compton19152357024181 Stage & gig25251296.12.61759.2.6


Page #:

Washington County


Collection Location:
Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
47 x 29 cms

Tax assessment, Maryland, Washington County

Washington County, Maryland, 1803.

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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