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Cumberland, Maryland (Medical profession and hospitals)

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got the gun and then proceeded up the pike. Shortly after, those at the Steele house heard a gunshot, but paid no special attention. When Miller and Graf had reached a point up the pike from Steele's, Miller shot Graf and buried the body on the side of the road by covering it with loose stones. Miller then returned to the Cumberland office of Dr. Hadel and ransacked the office for Dr. Hadel's money, of which Miller thought Dr. Hadel had a great deal. The absence of Dr. Hadel and Graf and the closed office caused some comment, but not enough to excite any anxiety. On the following Tuesday, October 16, Dr. Samuel P. Smith, riding down the pike towards Cumberland, noticed that a small dog, which always followed him on his visits to the country, had found something and was greatly excited. Dr. Smith dismounted and saw a portion of a human body. Dr. Smith then rode into town and gave the alarm. This fact, coupled with the absence of the doctor and his student, aroused the community and almost the entire town turned out. The body of Graf was found at once, but it was not until late in the day that the body of the doctor was found. Miller had shot Dr. Hadel and decapitated him, concealing the body and the severed head in different places in the woods near a schoolhouse. Suspicion pointed to Miller, who had been seen on the Sunday before with both Dr. Hadel and Henry Graf, and a search being made, Miller was found in bed at the hotel of Louis Smith on North Mechanic Street. When arrested, Miller had in his possession a set of shirt studs, a seal ring and a watch, all having been the property of Dr. Hadel. The grand jury, being in session, promptly found true bills of Attainder. Miller was arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced to be hanged all within twelve days of the murder. Friday, January 4, 1856, was the day set for the execution, the date being set by Governor Ligon. The


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Miller, Herman J.

Mayor and Council, City of Cumberland


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27 x 20 cms

Stegmaier, Harry

Cumberland (Md.), history

Cumberland (Md.), 1700-1976

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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