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Cumberland, Maryland (Virginia Avenue)

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in the morning the children who attended the Fairgrounds School circulated a story to the effect that they had seen, lying in a ditch along the roadside, a mysterious "it." They described "it" as having the shape and dress of a woman, with a dog's head. It was said to walk upon two feet, but with a peculiar wriggly motion. The children went to school, but sadly mixed in with mathematics and spelling was the figure of the mystery. The teachers did all they could to allay the excitement, but obviously the children could think of little else. In the evening the excitement grew stronger and it was reported that a number of people had seen the mysterious "it" travelling through the lanes and fields, and at about five o'clock a crowd of youths and half-grown boys started on its trail in the direction of West Virginia. At last account they had affected no capture. A newsman and a prominent physician scoured the locality for definite information. They found lots of people who were said to have seen it, but when these people were interviewed they invariably said somebody else had seen it. Everybody was talking about it, though, and if the story was deliberately started as a hoax, the perpetrator must have enjoyed many a sly laugh. One boy was found who insisted that he saw the mysterious object lying on the ground, but he had the description reversed, saying it had the body and limbs of a large dog, with a woman's face. At last account, the mystery was unsolved and the topic was still on the surface.

In May, 1891, work began on the streetcar line to South Cumberland. On September 16, 1891, the Maryland Avenue streetcar line was placed in operation. The line extended only to Virginia Lane (Virginia Avenue) and stopped at Oldtown Road. In the spring of 1895, this streetcar line was


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Miller, Herman J.

Mayor and Council, City of Cumberland


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27 x 20 cms

Stegmaier, Harry

Cumberland (Md.), history

Cumberland (Md.), 1700-1976

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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