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Cumberland, Maryland (Prohibition Era)

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leading to it. When it came time for the hearing, however, William J. Feaga, Clerk of the Court, refused to open the court room. Feaga declared that he had agreed with Commissioner Anderson to grant the use of the room providing the latter would say "nothing about it." "The next day," Feaga exclaimed, "the papers came out and blazoned the fact that the hearing would be in the court room. I fooled them. There's something underhanded going on here and I'm just beginning to see it. The law and order league may run other courts, but it's not going to run this court." That ended the question. The hearing was held in the civil service room.

On October 25, 1923, ten barrels of whiskey were stolen from the James Clark liquor warehouse in the Narrows. According to William Bone and Thomas Fisher, guards at the warehouse, two men entered the gauging room at about 12:45 AM and asked permission to use the telephone to call a garage to get their disabled automobile hauled in. This was granted and while they were using the telephone, seven masked men entered and covered the guards with revolvers. After binding the guards, the robbers escaped with ten barrels of bonded whiskey. Later, it was discovered that fifteen barrels of bonded whiskey were missing. The owners of the distilling company offered a $1,000 reward for the apprehension and conviction of the person or persons implicated in the robbery. An official check of the bonded warehouse on Friday, October 26, 1923 showed that forty-three barrels and one case of whiskey were missing. The reward was increased to $2,000. On October 30, 1923, five barrels of the stolen whiskey were recovered. The whiskey was found in a garage on the old Daugherty Farm a short distance from Dreyer's Beach on the Amcelle Road. In addition to confiscating the liquor, a man who gave his


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Miller, Herman J.

Mayor and Council, City of Cumberland


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27 x 20 cms

Stegmaier, Harry

Cumberland (Md.), history

Cumberland (Md.), 1700-1976

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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