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Cumberland, Maryland (Entertainment)

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the journey to Williamsport, Maryland. Many fraternal orders would have yearly picnics at Narrows Park, but first there would be a parade through the downtown streets. Some of these groups were P. O. S. of A., Dokkies, Redmen Juniors, and the Moose. On holidays, such as Decoration Day, Armistice Day, and Labor Day, there would be a large parade. The early circuses, until the late 1920's, would have a parade. Also, minstrels that played the local theatres would have a parade. Of all the holiday parades, the largest was Labor Day, when the union workers such as the glass workers, bakers, miners plumbers, carpenters, and other shop craft unions would display items showing their trade. Glass workers would carry glass canes, and the bakers would have small loaves of bread on paddles which they would carry in the parade. The event in which there were the most parades was homecoming week in September, 1912. There was a parade everyday, such as labor, industry, Sunday schools and churches, merchants and stores, fraternal orders, and schools. There was a large arch erected by Footer's Dye Works. They had their employees erect the arch. It covered the sidewalk at the church on the corner of Centre and Baltimore Streets, to the other sidewalk across the street.It was about 30 feet high and took a week to build. It was covered at the sides and top with electric lights, and with white cloth. The story is told that when the labor parade of union men was held, all units filed under the arch and continued up Centre Street, except the union carpenters, who dropped out of the parade at George Street, went down Union Street, up South Centre Street, and fell into their regular place in the parade. The union carpenters refused to march under the arch because it was erected by non-union labor. There was a


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Miller, Herman J.

Mayor and Council, City of Cumberland

Dokkies are possibily members of the Dramatic Order Knights of Khorassan (DOKK)The DOKK was a side degree of the Knights of Pythias committed to fun and revelry.


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27 x 20 cms

Stegmaier, Harry

Cumberland (Md.), history

Cumberland (Md.), 1700-1976

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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