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Contract between Catharine Shifler and Washington Marble Company

Contract between Catharine Shifler and Washington Marble Company Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


THIS LEASE AND CONTRACT made and concluded this the 15th day of May A.D. 1902 by and between Catharine Shifler, of Washington County, Maryland, party of the first part, and The Washington Marble Company, party of the second part, WITNESSETH, that the said Catharine Shifler does hereby lease unto the said party of the second part for the period of one year beginning on the First day of July A.D. 1902 and ending on the First day of July A.D. 1903, with the privilege upon the part of the said party of the second part of continuing this Lease and Contract from year to year for six additional years from the expiration of said first year, as hereinafter set forth, all the following lot and parcel of ground being situate, lying and being in Washington County, Maryland, opposite the Marble Quarry of the said party of the second part upon the land of George I. Shifler, on the Northern side of the public road passing said Quarry, and being all that portion of ground now lying between the fence as now erected and said public road and which is now occupied and used by said Marble Company in connection with its operations at said Quarry. The said lot or portion of ground to be used by the said party of the second part for any and all necessary and proper purposes in connection with the operation of said Quarry, as heretofore used, or may be desirable in connection with said Quarry. Together with the right to the said party of the second part during said lease, or any extension of the same during the period of six years, as above, to keep and maintain the three guy ropes on the adjoining land of the said Catharine Shifler as now kept and maintained, and to enter upon said land for all necessary purposes and uses in connection with the use of the same, and, also, to lay a pipe, not exceeding


Joanne and Gary May

From this contract it appears Catharine Shifler's land was north of the Quarry and that the Quarry itself was on the land of George I. Shifler. It also is possible that the guy lines were already in place in 1902, and therefore the quarry may have been operational earlier than 1902.


Collection Location:
Keedysville, Md.

Original Size:
33 x 21 cms

Quarries and quarrying, Maryland; Marble, Maryland; Washington County (Md.), history

Washington County (Md.), 1900-1950

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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