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Washington County, Taxes (Upper Anteatam Hundred, page 2, part c)

Upper Anteatam Hundred Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


Horses£Cattle£Sheep/hogsStills£Carriages£FurniturePers. PropTotal George Coalers Heirs147.8.0
Henry Dip13262.5.0312.
Elizabeth Darley1336.
Henry Darley14.0.0
Ludwich Emerick41.8.0
Mary Fesler1104121.10.0528.10.0125.6.0
Mary Fugate (?)21037.10.04541.10.0107.10.0
George Frazer220485639.0.0116.0.0
Joseph Fey315483329.
David Fesler18130.10.0314.
Conrod Flora325484.10.0542.
John Flora110282323.
Peter Flora220367.10.0336.
John Flora55061810.17.61290.17.6313.1.6
Micheal Fenciler2662301299.0.0242.0.0
Martin Fenciler440396358.
George Fishhouse220362.5.01240.
Frederick Fishhouse11057.10.03323.
William Ford5509187.2.61085.2.6210.10.6
Henry Funk5501122610133.0.0416.4.0
Samuel Funk8801319.
Adam Fausnaugh33069.10.04548.
John Fultz5501522.10.091293.10.0308.0.0
William Fitzhugh111163610825339.5.0125801741.11.82794.11.8
John Funk99.0.0
John George330483.15.0647.15.0120.0.0
Martin Gryder66010308.10.0111.5.050159.15.0342.0.0
John Gabby6601230535130.16.8288.14.0
Jacob Garlinger210245322.
Christian Good990213211.5.015148.5.0423.9.0
Samuel Gray54010201.10.0215581.10.0246.10.0
John Gray320241.10.0530.
Idel (?) Gearhart4404124.5.0662.5.0164.5.0
Abraham Gray33061267.
Daniel Gearhart1151530.
Henry Gaither645816425250.0.0643.16.0
Micheal Hursh55071414583.0.0237.0.0
George Hawn440721622015102.0.0270.0.0
William Hershman540482.
John Hoover130.15.02023.
Christian Hoover3256125.0.02062.0.0467.0.0
Woollich Hoover55012245.0.02099.0.0369.0.0
Mathias Huffman54012247.7.62091.7.6361.7.6
George Harbaugh55.0.0
Micheal Holmes3306129.5.02576.5.0241.5.0
Barnet Houser 12120438617.0.035288.0.0XXXXX
George Hawn220242329.
Ludwich Hewet6602360921250191.0.0768.16.0
Jacob Hefley1832212.
31830248171276 (?)49523285260113520,985.17.0


Page #:

Washington County

Name variant : Antietam


Collection Location:
Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
47 x 29 cms

Tax assessment, Maryland, Washington County

Washington County, Maryland, 1803.

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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