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Come Home - poem

Allegany County, Maryland, Centennial Celebration, 1889 Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information




How many years ? a hundred,
Since she into being came
And musical Allegany
Was given her for a name !
And now, to her sons and daughters
North, South, and East and West,
How far so ever you wander
Away from the home-land nest,
Wherever the wide world holds you
Under the heaven's blue dome,
She sends to you all the summons
To her birthday fete — come home.

Was she your Cinderella
O sister counties proud ?
She hath envied not your riches
Nor Shame her head hath bowed.
Oh, fair are your sunny gardens
That lie on the Eastern shore,
And charmed are your wooded inlets
That the wild duck wingeth o'er;
Oh, yours are the crab and oyster
Down by the shining bay,
And the wealth of orchard-acres,
Rosy with bloom in May.

Come, when the sumac reddens,
Glimm'ring bright in the sun;
When the summer's heats are waning
And the summers toil is done;
When the harvests home are gathered
And the happy fields are calm;
When the mountains' robes are gayest,
And the mountain air is balm.
What memories must draw you,
Of by-gone hopes and fears,
To learn what the brave old county
Can show for a hundred years!

But old Allegany's laurels—
She hath won and worn them well.
And the history of her triumphs
Her gifted sons shall tell.
And still shall our own Potomac
Winding down to the sea,
Witness a greater glory
In the days that are yet to be.
Here waits the dear old mother
The absent ones to greet;
Then, "whatever skies above" you,
Hither ward turn your feet.

Come, if the world has used you
Well, since the far-off time
Of your free and careless boyhood,
When you learned these hills to climb;
Come, if a fate unkinder
Has followed wher'er you roam;
Who knows but a brighter fortune
May await you here — come home.


Poem printed on reverse of letter of invitation. The Centennial Bulletin noted "it is from the pen of a well known lady of this city."


Collection Location:
Allegany County Public Library

Original Size:
29 x 23 cms

Allegany County (Md.)--History.

Allegany County (Md.), 1889

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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