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Orders for the School Children's Parade

Allegany County, Maryland, Centennial Celebration, 1889: Parade Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information



Orders for the School Children's Parade on Monday Next.


Examiner Weimer Chief Marshal
The Day to be a Gala One.

That is Being Made for the Celebration. Bands of Music and Singing School Children Will Make Merry the Gorgeous Procession.
The following orders will govern the movements of the school parade on the first day of the Centennial.
The parade will consist of four divisions, as follows:

First Division—Invited guests, orators, poets, etc., in carriages, and color guard

Second Division — Schools outside of the city of Cumberland and private schools of Cumberland.

Third Division — First section, pupils of Union street; second section, all other public schools in Cumberland.

Fourth Division — Colored schools of the county and city.

The order of march will be as follows:
Platoon of police.
Second Battalion Drum Corps, School Banner and Color Guard.
Chief Marshal H. G. Weimer and Personal Staff.
Marshal of First Division, R. H. Shearer,
Mounted, Pink Sash and White and Blue Rosettes, and Aides, White and Blue Rosettes.
Invited Guests, Orators, etc., in Carriages.
The Chief Marshall will wear whitesash with blue rosettes, and his staff a blue rosette. They will report to their chief in Union street school, at 9:30 a. m.
The Marshal of 1st Division and aides will report corner of Union and George streets, at 9:15. The Color Guard at same point at 9:30. Drum Corps report to Chief Marshal, corner George and Baltimore streets, at 9:15.

Second Division,
Mt. Savage Band.
Marshall, D. P. Miller, Red Sash, White Rosette; Appoint 8 Aides, with White Rosettes.
W. O. Hoffman, Assistant Marshall, Red Sash, appoint 8 Aides, Red Rosette.
All Public Schools East and West of Cumberland to Lonaconing. Each school is to appoint one or more officers to take charge of that school.
Marshal, H. W. Schaidt, red sash; 8 aides, red rosette.
All public schools of Lonaconing and west. Each school will select its own officers.
? red sash; 8 aides,

St. Patrick's schools, SS. Peter and Paul's, Allegany County Academy and all other private school. All schools will select officers to take charge of their pupils.
All schools in First and Second sections, arriving from the Cumberland and Pennsylvania railroad, will leave the train at Harrison street, and form on Harrison, between railroad and Centre.
All schools arriving at Central Station or by vehicle will form on Centre, south of Harrison, right on Harrison, approaching by South Mechanic and Harrison. Bands and assistant marshals, staff and aides report to Marshal Miller, corner of Harrison and Centre at 9:15.
St. Patrick's school, form on Harrison street, west of Centre, approaching by South Mechanic, and report to Marshal Millman by 9:30.
SS. Peter and Paul's school, take position next in line, on same street, and by same approach.
Allegany County Academy and all other private schools next in line, on same street and approach.

Third Division.
Sash and old gold rosette.
Cumberland City Band.
Assistant Marshall, N. G. Keim, blue sash; 8 aides; gold rosette.
Union Street School.
Assistant Marshall A. M. Adams, blue sash; 8 aides, gold rosette.
Centre Street, Maryland Avenue and Fair Ground schools.
Assistant marshals, staff, aides and band report to Marshal White at Union Street school at 9:15 a. m.
Union Street school will form in that building and be ready to march at 9:45 o'clock.
Centre street school will assemble at their school building and march to Union street, via Centre, and take position along east side of Centre and north side of Union.
Maryland Avenue and Fair Grounds schools will assemble in their buildings and march to South Centre, via Williams, and take position on east side of Centre, between Union and Harrison, reporting to Assistant Marshal Adams by 9:30, and remain in position until the second division has passed into line. The first and second sections of the third division will then move quickly into line.

Fourth Division.
Western Maryland Band.
Marshal G. H. Reid, and Staff, Orange Sash, Black Rosette.
J. C. Johnson and four aides, with Mary Hoye School.
D.J. Lyons and four Aides, with Green Street School.
E.C. Marshal and Aides, all out of town colored schools;
Assistant Marshals wear Orange Sash and White Rosette.
The Band will report to Marshal Reid, corner of Harrison and Liberty, at 9:15, approaching via South Mechanic and Harrison. The colored schools will approach by most convenient route and form on Liberty street, right on Harrison, not later than 9:30, and await orders.

General Orders.
Dr. C. H. Brace, of the Red Cross Society, will take position on Union Street above George, and detail two aides, each for the Second, Third and Fourth Divisions, who will take position in the flanks.
The remainder of the society the surgeon will follow the Fourth Division.
As soon as each section is formed marshals must send an aide to Chief Marshal Weimer at Union street school for the flags required for that section. Actual count of the children must be made. The Marshal of Division will see that these flags are immediately distributed and carried over the right shoulder of each pupil, and report his division ready to move and await orders.
Lady teachers will report at Union street school and receive tickets of admission to the grounds of Allegany County Academy and Mr. John R. Cruzen, which are reserved for them and from which all exercises on the rostrum can be observed.
Marshal D. E. Kean has charge of their reception.
Invited guests and others riding in carriages are requested to assemble in the private office of the First National bank on George's street by 9:30 and report to Capt. J. L. Griffith.


Promptly at 10 a. m. the procession will move up Union street in columns of six (the female scholars in each school preceding the males), left into George's, right to head of Baltimore street, countermarch down Baltimore to Washington, to Court House square, first division taking Prospect street, right and left, while second, third and fourth divisions deploy in front of the rostrum at the residence of Mr. John R. Cruzen, directly opposite the Court House. Returning, after the exercises are completed, the second division will right wheel into line, dressing to the plattoon of police and move down Washington street, followed by third, fourth and first divisions in the order named to Baltimore, to Centre; first and second sections of second division wheel left into North Centre, to City Hall for lunch. Third and fourth divisions into South Centre, to Union and disband; first continue up Baltimore, right into George's and disband. The entire line of march is less than three fourths of a mile and free from all danger to the children. Marshals of third section of second division and of third and fourth divisions are to keep their divisions in line until ordered to disband by the chief marshal.


As the division deploy before the rostrum the bands will play a concerted overture, and the following program will be carried out:
Robert Shriver presiding
National Anthem, chorus of male voices
Introductory Address, Robert Shriver
Address to the Schools, Prof. M. A. Newell, secretary of State Board of Education;
Anthem, chorus of male voices
Original Poem, by (a scholar of Allegany county);
Singing, by musical societies;
Presentation of Medal to the poet by Capt. R.H. Gordor;
March, by the bands.
The entire exercises, including lunch for the visitors, will be completed by 12:30. At 2:30 p. m. the Centennial oration will begin at the Academy of Music
The special school train on the Cumberland and Pennsylvania railroad will leave Westernport at 7:15 and reach Harrison street at 9:30. Returning this train will leave the same place at 3 p. m. sharp.
The placing of the children of the train will be in charge of Mr. Harry W. Williamson and aides. All teachers from out of town schools will see that their pupils are safely placed on trains.
The attendance in this parade promises to be fully 2,500 and to insure prompt movements and success, the forgoing orders must be implicitly obeyed in all detail. For further information address,
H. G. WEIMER, Chief Marshal.
JNO. W. AVIRETT, Chm'n. Parade Com.

Notice to Teachers.
Before leaving Cumberland, on its return, the cars of the special train, for school children, on the C. & P. Railroad, will be placarded and teachers will be careful to allow children to be seated only in the cars designated for that point. Should there not be room sufficient in the cars provided and placarded, the teachers will notify H.W. Williamson who will immediately make the necessary arrangements for their accommodation.


Undated newspaper cutting


Collection Location:
Allegany County Public Library

Original Size:
39 x 20 cms

Allegany County (Md.)--History.

Allegany County (Md.), 1889

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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