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Washington County, Taxes (Upper Anteatam Hundred, page 5, part a)

Upper Anteatam Hundred Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


Names of landsAcres£ acrelandPlate £ plate
Jacob Rohorresurvey on Contentment etc.110049/2695.0.0216.8
George Reynolds
John Ricept. Scared from home22017/187.0.0
Peter ReynoldsWhite oak grove etc.25412/152.8.0
Daniel Reynoldspt. White oak grove etc.20017/170.0.0
Jacob Sagerpt. Gleanings & others14417/122.8.0
Nicholas StiffeeStiffee home11522/126.10.0
James Stevensonpt. Gleanings3817/32.6.0
George StiffeeStiffee home11522/126.10.0
Andrew StiffeeStiffee home12117/102.17.0
John StoverWaltons folly12922/(total)
Mount pleasant etc.2777/238.17.0
Mary Stambaugh
Martin Smith
Christian & Isaac ShockeyUnknown30017/255.0.0
George Stiffee Sr.Nicholas mistake etc.13422/147.8.0
George Stambaugh
Peter Stotlerpt. Bushells lot etc.21022/231.0.0
John Stonerpt. Farmers delight19437/358.18.0
Christian StonerDeceit & Wilkes & liberty7922/(total)
Whiteman's prospect505/99.8.0
John Serverpt. Fathers good will941/18.9.0
Andrew Shank
John Shankpt. Wilkes & liberty38022/418.0.0
Philip SternWeb's discovery & darling Sale10232/163.4.0
Frances Sprotzmando Gleanings22132/353.12.0
Christian SmithName unknown2522/27.10.0
Jacob ShankStoney ridge & others16017/136.0.0
Adam Stonebraker
Andrew Shaverpt. of the Colonal6017/51.0.0
Daniel Speceresurvey on old foxes den 17027/229.10.0
William Simkinsresurvey on adventure10022/110.0.0
Henry Sniderresurvey on dry land15017/127.10.0
Peter Sibertdarling Sale & others11422/125.8.0125.0.0
John Sibert Dec'dpt. Red Liquor16517/140.5.0
John Sheptonpt. Wallings luck5017/42.10.0
Henry StotlerWife's choice & Nancy's fancy11822/129.16.0
Peter SpicertName unknown12222/134.4.0
Andrew Shaneyfelt (?)
Christopher Swopept. The Colonel15222/167.4.0
John Swope
Jacob Stover
Barnabas Swopept. Gleensings9017/76.10.0
Abraham StonerName unknown20022/220.0.0
Henry ShraderName unknown15727/211.19.0
Hanry StonermanName unknown307/10.10.0
Henry Tomb
Stephen Tartton
Rinehart Tomer
Ludwich TomerName unknown207/7.0.0


Page #:

Washington County

Name variant : Antietam


Collection Location:
Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
47 x 29 cms

Tax assessment, Maryland, Washington County

Washington County, Maryland, 1803.

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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