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Washington County, Taxes (Salisbury Hundred, page 1, part a)

Salisbury Hundred Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


Names of landsAcres£ acrelandPlate £ plate
Jacob Ashpt. Conquest9512/57.0.01151
Christopher AtlerHagers delight etc. etc.48132/769.12.0
John AdamsCallico Head23032/368.0.0
Peter Adams
Adam Altfirst Snow16932/270.8.0
Walter BoydThree Tracks1522/16.10.0
Jacob BarnetSpring Garden30027/(total)
Merrefelts resurvey1807/468.
David Brumbaugh2101303
Henry Brumbaugh216.83201151305
Daniel Brumbaugh1101452
Jacob BrumbaughSove all ?332/4.16.0
Jacob Brumbaugh (Dec'd) Contrivence etc.40037/740.0.0
Isaac Bearpt. Salsbury16327/220.1.0
John Bowser
Christian BettsHenrys last Shift4637/85.2.0
Conrod Crowl
Oliver Cromwell31.5.01101451303
John CellarsEstablishment25437/469.18.01451302
George Cellarsash Swamp19837/366.6.01301
Daniel CammerBucks Spring etc.11432/182.8.01301
Christian Dealblack oak bottom15012/90.0.0
John Downey
David Dunwoodypt. Contrivance etc.14332/228.16.0216.82301452
William Downeys Heirspt. Contrivance 19032/304.0.0
Isaac Ely
Frederick FoutzBakers purchase21232/339.4.0
George Houko1301
John GabrielRich lands7032/112.0.0
John Hunt (?) 1301
John Houch Toryhill & Salsbury19417/164.18.01151
Hugh Hylandpt. Salsbury17712/(total)15
pt. Free Stone10317/193.15.01302
Isaac HershiaBatcholers delight20317/(total)
adjoining I. Jones407/186.11.0
Micheal HuffordFriendship28027/(total)
mount hope (a mile)20041/788.0.0
Jeremiah Hess
Jacob HershbargerGood Will14432/230.8.0
John HagerGoodwill & H. Fancy19932/318.8.01451
David Hager
Micheal HagerBrothers good will5032/80.0.0
Christian HagerBrothers good will5032/80.0.0171202
John Hower
John HeblingBlack oak level etc.22532/360.0.0
Anthony Hower ?Pleasant Hill1332/20.16.0
Jacob KershnerGermany17632/(total)
pt. Conquest16717/(total)
Good Neighbour etc.2347/505.9.04201451302558
Daniel Kershner
Simon Keesaker Pleasant Garden20837/384.16.01151451303
Philip KeesakerPleasant Garden19132/305.12.01152603
Mary KershnerTrouble & Contentment20027/270.0.0


Page #:

Washington County

Name variants - Hurst, Houck, Houer


Collection Location:
Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
47 x 29 cms

Tax assessment, Maryland, Washington County

Washington County, Maryland, 1803.

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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