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Washington County, Taxes (Conococheague Hundred, page 1, part a)

Conococheague Hundred
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Names of landsAcres£ acrelandPlate £ plate
Peter and James Adams3 Tracks22332/356.16.0
David Ash
John AshNo great things 10 lick (total)
run 100 name 18 chance(total)
15 all we can get 1916222/(total)
part of No 630012/358.4.0
Henry AuconeyWollerys lot 18 none such 6(total)
mount Pilier 50(total)
mountain wales 16624032/(total)
part of Conquest10317/471.11.0
John Auconeys Heirsthree Several Tracks37232/595.4.0
George Auconeypt. Wollerys lot15032/240.0.0
Henry Angle Sen.Pleasant Spring20032/320.0.0
James Amos
George & Henry Brockoonername unknown20032/320.0.0
William Bayley Cliff Spring & terry firmy (Terra Firma?)30022/330.
Joseph BaunerReversion etc.1022/11.0.0
Micheal BarkmanStorm and Stone wall12117/102.17.0
Jacob Barkman
John Bear
Micheal BooveyProffet & loss15222/167.4.0
Richard Barnesmount Pilier 4515451532/
Persiverance 40040032/total
Disappointment 10310332/8028.
James BlairMountain Wales15017/127.10.0
Evan BowlesBowle's Establishment17922/196.18.0
John BowlesBowle's Establishment15127/
David ButterbaughFlagg meadow10032/160.0.0
James BowlesBowle's Establishment15127/203.17.0
Samuel BowlesBowle's Establishment12032/192.0.0
William Begole
John ByardGreen Castle25017/212.10.0
Christian Boovey
John Berry41.134
Daniel Brewermountain wales etc.12517/106.5.0
Henry Brewerdo & m Pone20027/(total)
mountain wales10017/355.0.0
John Brewermuddy Pone & m walls20032/(total)
mountain walls15027/522.10.0
Peter Brewerm Pone, m wales & Phel a (?)34027/409.0.0
Philip T. BakerTerry firmy & C Spring15027/202.10.0
John Cross, Sen.part of No 6 20012/120.0.0
George Cross
Thomas CharltonCharltons forrest23032/368.0.0
Joseph Carrico
Barton Carrico
Thomas I. CarricoDry plains20032/320.0.0
Christency Creps3 Several Tracks13522/148.10.0
Andrew ClineFlagg Meadow12032/192.0.0
John Cushwaugh, Sen.Cushways Establishment30832/492.16.0
David CushwaughBowles Establishment20122/221.2.0


Page #:

Washington County

Name variants - terry firmy = Terra Firma? , No 6 = Number 6?


Collection Location:
Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
47 x 29 cms

Tax assessment, Maryland, Washington County

Washington County, Maryland, 1803.

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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