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Washington County, Taxes (Conococheague Hundred, page 3, part a)

Conococheague Hundred Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


Names of landsacres£ / acreLand valueplate£ plate
Conrod Homes pt. mountain wales10012/60.0.0
Henry Howke
Jacob Haynes, Jr.
John Heller
Magdalen Helserpt. upper farm5027/67.10.0
Christian Hockeyname unknown4012/24.0.0
Elishia Hyland
George Hower
Joseph Immele
Jonathan JonesB. delight & m. Peter18812/112.16.0
Denton Jacquesresurvey m. wales & S. worth11725/293.0.0
Aquilla Johnspt. T. firmy & C. Spring33527/452.5.0
Martin KershnerWm. Auconys personal property
Thomas Kaywood
Philip Kreigh, Jr.Bowle's Establishment15132/241.12.0
George Knabellgood neighbour etc.14017/119.0.0
Nicholas Kreigh
Philip Kreight, Sen.Kreighs Establishment22522/247.10.0
George Lowe20.16.8
Jacob Learmountain wales15012/90.6.6
Philip Learmountain wales2512/15.0.0
Peter Lefler
Casper MoudyHollow Spring & Jacks b.27022/292.0.0
Micheal Moudy
Susanah MillerLinton & Jones resurvey5327/71.11.0
James McClainAll we can get etc. 206total
Linton, Steeple & Jones resurvey 19339927/538.16.0
Henry Moudyfountain head etc.7212/43.4.0
George Millerneglect, w. bottom etc.12512/75.0.0
Walter Mackalls, HeirsCleft Spring etc.25032/400.
Benjamin Moore20.16.8
Robert McClain
William Moore
James McClain, Jr.
Peter Millermountain wales20622/226.12.0
Martin Myers 20832/332.16.0
John Millers, Herisgalaspys bargain etc.44032/704.0.0
Lawrence McKiermangalaspys bargain etc.27032/432.0.0216.8
John Millers, Heirs
John Newsonlong life to L Bottom (?)35032/500.0.0
Jonathan Nesbitpt Locust thickett13332/
Peter Nesbitpt Locust thickett13327/179.11.0
Nathaniel Nesbitpt Locust thickett13732/219.4.0
Jacob Nesbitpt Locust thickett15522/170.10.0
John Nesbitpt Locust thickett13727/184.19.0
Nath. Nesbit, Sen.20.16.8
George Norrth (?)
Henry Nadenbush
Henry OrnDorff


Washington County

Name variants: Hormes, Hawke, Jack's bottom


Collection Location:
Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
47 x 29 cms

Tax assessment, Maryland, Washington County

Washington County, Maryland, 1803.

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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