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List of the Delegates For a Convention at Cumberland on June 8th

Allegany County, Maryland, Centennial Celebration, 1889 Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


The Call For a Convention at Cumberland on June 8th
—A List of the Delegates.

In accordance with a resolution passed at a recent meeting of the Editorial Association of Allegany and Garrett counties, held in Cumberland, the following call has been issued:


The delegates appointed by the various societies, bodies corporate and organizations in pursuance of an address to the people, prepared and sent out at a meeting of the Editorial Association, of Allegany county, will assemble in convention at the court house, in the city of Cumberland, on Saturday, June 8th, 1889, at 10 o'clock a. m., for the purpose of performing all necessary arrangements for the holding of a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the formation of Allegany county. A full attendance of all delegates appointed is earnestly requested. All societies and organizations which have not appointed committees, are urgently solicited to do so before the date of the convention and report the same to the Secretary of the Editorial Association, H. W. Schaidt, Lonaconing.

Respectfully &c.
Robert MacDonald, Pres. Ed. Association.

The following is a list of delegates reported to the secretary to date:
- St. Patrick's T. A. B. Society, Westernport—John Laughlin, W. F. Mansfield and Charles Morgan.
- Typographical Union, No. 244, Cumberland—Henry Rosenmerkel, Charles Donnelly and A.M. Shuck.
- Cumberland City Band—John L. Waltz, Henry and George Wagner.
- Knights of the Mystic Chain, Barton—John Mowbray, David Welch, George Lyons and Jacob Stump.
- Tyler Post G. A. R., Cumberland—Edward Schilling, Bernard O'Donnell, Joseph H. Wenrick, W. M. Miller and D. S. Kitzmiller.
- Allegany Lodge No. 1645 G U. O. of O. F., Frostburg— W. J. Purdy, J. W. Jackson and Thomas H. Mitchell.
- L. A. 843 K. of L, Lonaconing—H. W. Schaidt, Alonzo Miller and P. F. Phillips.
- Division No. 1, A. O. H., Lonaconing—John T. Walsh and Daniel Nolan.
- Silver Wave Cast e No. 1, A. O. K. M. C, Lonaconing—James Spiets.
- Garfield Tent No 28, I. O. R., Lonaconing— Wm. B. Jones, David Boaggie and Wm. Guthbertson
- Col. Robert Bruce Camp No. 5, Sons of Veterans, Cumberland—Oscar Hadra, H. G. Bridaham and W. P Rizer.
- Barton Lodge No. 94, I. O. O. F.—John W. Young, John Sommerville and Anthony Rees.
- Frostburg Council, No. 1012, Royal Arcanum -D. J. Williams. C. B. Wack, E. N. Michael, James Dando and P. C. Beall.
- Cumberland Encampment No 23, I. O. O. F.- John T. Hite, John Schaidt and Wm. J Harrison.
- Rising Sun Lodge No. S6, K. of P., Lonaconing—H. C. Sample.
- Cadets of Temperance, Cumberland— Geo. W. Cross, Rev. Isaac Thomas and James W. Donnelly.
- Potomac Council No. 60 Royal Arcanum of Cumberland H. M. Fuller and Theo. A. K. Hummelshime
- Lonaconing Cornet Band— H. W Schaidt
- Orphans' Court—Judge Thomas Johnson.
- Emmanuel Episcopal church, Cumberland—R. D. Johnson.
- L. A. 1323. K. of L. Cumberland—E P. Baldwin, George B. Wise and Patrick Lillis.
- Allegany Tribe, I. O. R. M, of Frostburg— Wm. R. Hart
- Frostburg City Lodge No. 88, K. of P.—Thos. Bath and Samuel Bowen.
- Rebecca Lodge-Robert Willison, George H Wittig and Thos. Bath.
- Hall Post No. 42, G. A. R. of Bar on—James Campbell, J. Meek and J. Andrews.
- Thistle Lodge Free Gardners, of Lonaconing —J. W. Robertson.

Delegates appointed by the county commissioners for the county at large.

- Oldtown—William Foley, John Diffenbaugh, Sr., Christian Kelley, George Wilson, E. M. Ginevan.
- Orleans—Thomas Callan, H. H. Yonkers, Joseph B. Stottlemeyer, James T. Hartley, Geo. Price.
- Flintstone-James Ash, B. L. Turner, Dr. T. B. Robosson, William Frazee, Dennis Coveney.
- Barton—Harman Brown, Perry M. Stump, Henry Creutzberg, James Tibbetts, Michael Naughton.
- Pekin and Moscow—Jas. P. Ryan, Calvin Shockey, A. B. Shaw, John Somerville, Jas. Braheny, Jr.
- Rawlings and Bradys—Maj. Alex. Shaw, M. A. Frost, Jas. Wilson, Newton Rawlings, Ed. Cresap.
- North Branch—Adam Seibert, Harvey Stallings, Nimrod Lyttle, John Daniels, Amos Davis.
- Lonaconing—John Ryan, David Dick, Sr., David Sloan, August Eichhorn, John Elliott, August Ricker, A. J. Clark, George H. Fresh, J.T. Brady, J. J. Bell.
- Mt. Savage—P. L. Burwell, Geo. A. Uhl, Henry C. Hinckel, James Stephens, Henry E. Kenah.
- Eckhart-Dr. B, M. Cromwell, Jonah Porter, Josiah Ford, Patrick Rourke, Frederick Mitchel.
- Vale Summit—Thos. F. McCardell, Frank McMahon, Walter Martin, George Kohl, John Fatkin.
- Borden Shaft and Midlothian—John D. Bernard, Joseph P, McKenzie, Robert S. Harvey, George Tippin, John Speir.
- Borden and Allegany Mines —Davison Armstrong, John G. Dennison, John Workman, John Stoddart, Samuel Mears.
- Grahamtown Jabez Warren, Patrick Rafferty, Philip Pfeiffer, Joseph Yates, John Tilev.

Delegates appointed by the incorporated towns:
- Cumberland—J. W Shuck, mayor, Wm. Pearre, J. W. Humbird, John Griffin, J. D. Bopst, John McNamara.
- Frostburg—-Wm H. Evans, L. M. Gorsuch, H.B. Shaffer, Wm. R. Percy, Thomas Hill, Owen Hitchins, James Kane, John Chambers, F. B. Beall, Dr. J. M. Porter, B. S. Randolph
- Westernport—S. S. Jamesson, Joshua Kight, O. H. Bruce, J. S. Miller.

The members of the Editorial Association of Allegany and Garrett counties will also be members of the County Convention.


Public domain

Pasted from a newspaper cutting into the leather-bound book containing the names of those invited to the convention.


Collection Location:
Allegany County Public Library

Original Size:
21 x 14 cms

llegany County (Md.)--History.

Allegany County (Md.), 1889

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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