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Washington County, Taxes (Linton Hundred, page 2, part a)

Linton Hundred Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


Names of landsacres£ / acreLand valueplate£ plate
Henry Kirts
John Knowbucks lodge425/10.10.0
Patrick Lockrey
Peter Larue
Daniel McCleishmount pleasant2025/50.10.0
William Martin
William MagaughyWolfs Hollar5017/42.10.0
David Miskimmings3 Several tracks21432/342.8.0
John Miskimmings
James Miskimmings
Hannah Miskimmings
James Mackey
Elizabeth MillerHiltons right25332/404.16.0
Edward NorthcraftContentment5012/30.0.0
William Norris
Thomas NorrisNorris's Seat827/10.16.0
John Ochsname unknown2005/50.0.0
Jonathan Potts Sen.Pott's Pleasure6612/39.12.0
Jonathan Potts Jun.
Aron PottsGragerys Cabbin807/28.0.0
Frederick Protzman
Andrew Powell
John Powell Sen.Hilton's adventure etc. etc.2257/78.15.0
Philip Pendeltons HeirsDelcarlow & F. Chance62817/533.16.0
John Philips
Isaac Reeder
John Ritter
Henry RedburnOrtins Purchase1557/54.5.0
Daniel RisleyDelcarlow3241/65.12.0
James RoseRose's Valley2945/73.10.0
John RoseMapole Seawall1305/32.10.0
Alijah Rodmanname unknown1375/34.5.0
Eve Ridenhourlong look for8012/48.0.0
William RobyGrass Cabbin17517/148.15.0
David RolandMill Seat & S. fancy9859/(total)
In. & David1785/333.12.0
John RolandIn. & David2235/55.15.0
Jeremiah StillwellRich Lands13132/209.12.0
Thomas Stillwell
John H. StoneMill Seat2249/53.18.0
Nathan Sutton
Henry Shryock Jun.
Paul SummersDelcarlow40017/340.0.0
Gabril SwainMount Pleasant1505/37.10.0
James Smith
Lawrance SwitzerBatcholers Hall1447/50.8.0
George Switzer
Christian Shepherdlong look for15012/90.0.0
Elias StillwellCaladonia12022/
Adam SheetzPolks Meadow15400/300.0.0
Eve SchneblyTonoloway lick23822/261.16.0
Mathias Snellname unknown665/16.10.0
Nicholas Smith


Page #:

Washington County

Name variants: McSkimmings


Collection Location:
Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
47 x 29 cms

Tax assessment, Maryland, Washington County

Washington County, Maryland, 1803.

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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