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Washington County, Taxes (Elizabeth Hundred page 1, part a)

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Names of landsacres£ / acreLand valueplate£ plate
Peter Allbright
Micheal Altiegh
Abraham Adams
John Austin
Felix Beckresurvey on poes part etc.3522/38.10.0
George BurkettBurketts Establishment16422/180.8.0
Walter Boyd145.16.8
George Beckthree Springs3022/33.0.0
Henry Barnett216.8
Henry Barnhart
Peter BakerBack Meadow15237/281.4.0
Martin Beightele
Jacob Bower
Baltzer Bowmanpt. of Boyds harber3537/64.15.0
George Beltzhooverpt. resurvey on Strife30037/555.0.0
Thomas Bellpt. resurvey on Dawsons Strife etc. 59427/801.18.04016.13.4
Martin BaechtelBaechtell delight37759/1112.3.0
Samuel Baechtel
Jacob Bowmanpt. Boyds Harbor & others8032/128.0.0
Jacob Bower
Peter BragunierHagers long hickory5027/67.10.0
Daniel Bragunier
James Belch
Micheal Confier
Henry Clapper
Mathias Clapper
Henry CookScant Timber10922/
Daniel ClapsadellClapsadell amusement10032/160.0.0
Alexander ClagettResurvey Coleirs (?) amendment30022/330.0.0
Gotlip Glossbrinner
Charles Carrollpt. Dawsons Strife etc.108041/2214.0.018275.16.8
Philip Cline
George Confeir
William Delahunt
D. William DowneyDowney's lot67137/1241.7.0
Samuel Finleypt Hagers Fancy441/8.4.0
Joseph Funks Heirspt. Locust bottom20079/790.0.0
Widow Funk216.8
Henry FunkBear hole & locust bottom6837/125.16.0216.8
John FunkBear hole & locust bottom3237/59.4.0
Martin FunkBear hole & locust bottom17237/318.4.0216.8
Ann Funk
Nicholas Fretz
Wentell Gilbertpt. long meadows39537/730.15.0
John Geigerpt. Settled in Time2732/43.4.0
Daniel Gehrnew work & Settled in time15541/317.15.0216.8
William GabbyRich barrens & well taught12532/
Peter Hesson
John HedrickJacobs lot5327/71.11.0
Joseph Hedrick


Page #:

Washington County

Name variants: Beightell, Bechtell, Baechtele, Clapsadele, Glossbrenner


Collection Location:
Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
47 x 29 cms

Tax assessment, Maryland, Washington County

Washington County, Maryland, 1803.

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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