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Washington County, Taxes (Elizabeth Hundred page 1, part c)

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Horses£Cattle£Sheep/hogsStills£Carriages£FurniturePers. PropTotal
Peter Allbright64812185778.
Micheal Altiegh242511.
Abraham Adams1812818.
John Austin121012.
Felix Beck312242220.
George Burkett53512184259.0.0239.8.0
Walter Boyd1152411535.16.835.16.8
George Beck212231218.
Henry Barnett53512204867.16.867.16.8
Henry Barnhart15352214.
Peter Baker97215201030155.0.0436.4.0
Martin Beightele75612187687.
Jacob Bower4245810345.
Baltzer Bowman64.15.0
George Beltzhoover1080324810298.0.0853.0.0
Thomas Bell121004263221 Coachee35150946.13.41748.11.4
Martin Baechtel9545080745186.0.01298.3.0
Samuel Baechtel242529.
Jacob Bowman21671281551.0.0179.0.0
Jacob Bower64851071580.0.0XXXXX
Peter Bragunier1235.
Daniel Bragunier315473530.
James Belch214241093.
Micheal Confier85011184880.
Henry Clapper320243633.
Mathias Clapper535594351.
Henry Cook7429147467.8.4187.6.4
Daniel Clapsadell2163521538.0.0198.0.0
Alexander Clagett330.0.0
Gotlip Glossbrinner121012.0.0XXXXX
Charles Carroll2714410015026428Coachee & Chair413001542.16.83756.16.8
Philip Cline17711523.
George Confeir692314.
William Delahunt8482335910215.0.0215.0.0
D. William Downey1241.7.0
Samuel Finley8.4.0
Joseph Funks Heirs790.0.0
Widow Funk31861174581.16.881.16.8
Henry Funk5405941568.16.8194.12.8
John Funk110313.
Martin Funk856915535111.16.8430.0.8
Ann Funk2145833055.
Nicholas Fretz630695347.
Wentell Gilbert118850751125403.0.01133.15.0
John Geiger43.0.0
Daniel Gehr4361320550111.16.8429.11.8
William Gabby7491222325116.1.8316.1.8
Peter Hesson210352118.
John Hedrick3187115741.0.0112.11.0
Joseph Hedrick21524120.0.0XXXXX


Page #:

Washington County

Name variants: Beightell, Bechtell, Baechtele, Clapsadele, Glossbrenner


Collection Location:
Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
47 x 29 cms

Tax assessment, Maryland, Washington County

Washington County, Maryland, 1803.

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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