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Darby Grain Mill ( more details)

Williamsport Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


The Darby Grain Mill was established some time during the 1870’s. The earliest record of its existence is the 1877 map of Williamsport. The mill was called Darby and Rice Mill on the map but eventually it would become only Darby Mill when it burned down in 1904. The mill dealt in grain, flour and feed and was one of many mills, warehouses and stores that sprang up around the canal. This photograph is probably from the 1890’s and shows the rail line that lead to the Cushwa Warehouse and an interesting freight boat.

These are? grain boats with high covers over the cargo area. There was doubtless a beam that they rested on. Note that there are 19-20 boards whereas the coal freighter has 14--7 on each side of the hay cabin and they are much smaller of course. It would be interesting to know if all or only some could be removed for filling from the granary chutes. Also note that the mule cabin (at the bow of the boat) is somewhat different from that on the familiar coal freighters with a rectangular door section that extends out from the main cabin and appears to contain the door by which animals entered or left. Likely it had enough space for the storage of feed, etc.

?After the Canal Towage Co. acquired and operated the coal freighters (1902), the only privately owned boats on the canal were the boats that carried other cargo. Some of those may have continued to be privately owned but it is also possible that they were owned by business men in the trade of whatever they carried--stone, agricultural product, wood, etc.

The story of the destruction of the mill can be found at Ashes, 1906


Public domain

From the collection of John Frye.

Hooper Wolfe identifies this as Darby Grain Mill, Williamsport, 1900.


Collection Location:

Chesapeake and Ohio Canal (Md.); Washington County (Md.), History

Maryland, 1824-1938

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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