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Hagerstown District Telephone Directory 1907 - Hagerstown, page 5

Hagerstown District Telephone Directory of the Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company, 1907: Page 5 Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information




Hagers       250-F       ABBOTT, G. W., Residence       Winter & Washington
Hagers       188-F       ACADEMY OF MUSIC, Chas. W. Boyer, Mgr..       44 W. Washington
Hagers       180-K       ADAMS, AMOS, Residence       120 East av
Keedys.. 5-4       ADAMS EXPRESS CO., M. E. Snavely, Agt       Sharpsburg, Md
Hagers       249-R       ADAMS EXPRESS CO., Office       Walnut
Hagers       855-21       ADAMS, FRANK D., Residence       Near Benevola
Hagers       855-2       ADAMS, MARTIN, Residence              Funkstown
Hagers       211-W       ALEXANDER, JAMES E., Res.,        Williamsport Pike, near Hagerstown
Keedys       11-13       ALEXANDER, JOHN V., Cashier Boonsboro Bank       Boonsboro, Md
Hagers       163-F       ALVEY & ALVEY, Attorneys       13 Eavey-Lane Bldg
Hagers       113-K       ALVEY, CHARLES, Residence       135 Prospect
Hagers       251-W       ALVEY, HARRY C, Residence       234 Summit av
Hagers       113-K       ALVEY, JUDGE R. H., Residence       135 Prospect
Hagers       163-R       ALVEY, JR., R. H., Attorney-at-Law       5 Court pi
Hagers       52-W       ALVEY, JR., R. H., Residence       519 Reynolds av
Hagers       7-W       AMERICAN BREWING CO., Harry F. Miller, Agt       417 W. Washington
Hagers       318-K       AMERICAN HOUSE, Geo. W. Bowers, Prop       Walnut & Franklin
Hagers       204-K       ANGLE, S. P., Residence       465 N. Prospect
Hagers       7-R       ANKENEY, A., Residence       W. Washington
Hagers       290-K       ANKENEY, JOHN, Tax Collector       Court House
Hagers       842-4       ANTHONY, D. H., Residence       Near Cearfoss, Md
Hagers       97       ANTIETAM FIRE COMPANY, Fire House       Summit av
Hagers       286-M-I       ANTIETAM MILL CO., Flour, Feed & Grain              Funkstown, Md
Hagers       109-R       ANTIETAM PAPER CO., Paper       41-43 W. Antietam
Hagers       161-F       ARMSTRONG, ALEX., Attorney       9-11 N. Jonathan
Hagers       113-F       ARMSTRONG, ALEX., Residence        147 Prospect
Hagers       113-F       ARMSTRONG, JR., ALEX., Residence        147 Prospect
Hagers       166-W       ARMSTRONG & CO., Insurance       114 W. Washington
Hagers       161-F       ARMSTRONG & SCOTT, Attorneys       9-11 N. Jonathan
Hagers       228-K       ARNSPARGER, DALLAS, Residence       410 W. Washington
Hagers       228-K       ARNSPARGER, MORRIS, Residence       410 W. Washington
Hagers       228-K       ARNSPARGER, WALTER, Residence       410 W. Washington
Hagers       195-R       ASH, GEO. D., Residence       120 N. Potomac
Hagers       222-K       ASH, MRS. W. C, Residence       47 E. Washington
Hagers       102-R       AUGHINBAUGH, D. C, Druggist       38 W. Washington
Hagers       213-K       AUSTIN, C. A... Horseshoer & Blacksmith       151 W. Franklin


Hagers       840-25       BAER, ABRAM H., Residence       Western Pike, near Clearspring
Hagers       845-11       BAER, ADAM, Residence       Near Paramount, Md
Hagers       846-11       BAER, HENRY H., Residence       Near Paramount, Md
Keedys       6-4       BAKER, DR. A. D., Residence       Keedysville, Md
Keedys       10-12       BAKER, DR. C. D., Physician       Rohrersville, Md
Keedys       10-14       BAKER, DR. C. D., Residence       Rohrersville
Hagers       853-4       BAKER, ED., Residence       Paper Mill rd & Vail
Hagers       254-W       BAKER, FRED C, Residence       Jefferson & Cleveland av
Keedys       8-3       BAKER & CO., GEO. M., Flour & Feed Mill       Keedysville, Md
Keedys       13-2       BAKER, GEO. W., Residence       Keedysville, Md



Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company

Public domain


Collection Location:
Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
24 x 16 cms

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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