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Hagerstown District Telephone Directory 1907 - Hagerstown, page 6

Hagerstown District Telephone Directory of the Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company, 1907: Page 6 Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information



Hagers       37-W       BAKER, HARRY E       48 W. Antietam
Hagers       266-F       BAKER, HARRY E., Residence       111 N. Potomac
Keedys       8-3       BAKER, W. W       Keedysville, Md
Hagers       310-K       BALDWIN, F. E., Residence       138 E. Washington
Hagers       255-W       BALDWIN HOUSE       32 W. Washington
Hagers       99-K       BALDWIN HOUSE PAY STATION, Hotel       Baldwin House
Hagers       286-M-3       BALL, B. M., Residence       Funkstown, Md
Hagers       280       B. & O. R. R. Passenger Station       Summit & Antietam
Hagers       26-K       B. & O. FREIGHT STATION       W. Antietam
Hagers       261-W       BARBER, THOS. H., Residence       S. Cannon av
Hagers       251-R       BARNHART, A. B., Residence       228 Summit av
Hagers       238-R       BARNHART & CO., A. W., Office       15 E. Washington
Wmspt       15-F       BARNHART & CO., A. W., Pants & Overall Factory       Potomac, Md
Hagers       851-14       BARNHART, A. W., Residence       Near Fiddlersburg
Wmspt       23-3       BARNUM, RICHARD C, Farmer       Downsville Pike
Hagers       252-F       BARRICK, F. S., Residence       522 Summit av
Hagers       298-K       BARRON, JAMES A., Residence       125 N. Cannon av
Keedys       14-12       BAST, WILLIAM F., Residence       Boonsboro, Md
Hagers       286-Y-I       BATT, CHAS. E., General Merchandise       Main, Funkstown, Md
Hagers       51-K       BEACHLEY, H. K., Office       9 Court pl
Hagers       51-K       BEACHLEY & CO., J. H., Produce Dealers       9 Court pl
Hagers       51-K       BEACHLEY, J. H., Office       9 Court pl
Wmspt       25-K       BEACHLEY, ORVILLE L., Residence       Downsville Pike
Hagers       204-R       BEACHLEY, VAN C, Treas. The Hag'n Lounge Co       N. Prospect ext'd
Hagers       87-R       BEACHLEY, VAN C, Residence       136 S. Potomac
Hagers       26-K       BEARD, H. H., Agent              W. Antietam
Hagers       310-R       BEARD, JNO. F., Residence       221 E. Franklin
Hagers       842-5       BEARD, L. C, Residence       Maugansville rd, near Hagerstown
Hagers       121-R       BEARD, W. P., Dry Goods & Notions       39 W. Washington
Hagers       169-R       BECK, BENJ. F., Residence       319 W. Franklin
       BECK & BENEDICT       Pen-Mar, Pa
Hagers       46-F       BECK& DELAMARTER, Lumber       Franklin & Walnut
Hagers       25-F       BECK, J. EDWARD, Residence       133 W. Franklin
Hagers       223-R       BECK, J. FRANK S., Residence       101 E. Franklin
Hagers       843-11       BECK, R. M., Residence       â€œCrescote," near Reid, Md
Hagers       30-K       BECKENBAUGH, JOHN KYD, Office       Elizabeth
Hagers       130-M-I       BECKLEY, R. P., General Merchandise       Halfway, Md
Hagers       231-K       BEELER, R. H., Saloon        110 1/2 S. Potomac
Wmspt       15-W       BELL, C. D., Residence       Williamsport, Md
Hagers       91-W       BELL, EDWIN L., Residence       593 W. Washington
Hagers       145-W       BELL, G. U., Grocer       234 N. Potomac
Wmspt       21-3       BELL, MARTIN L., Residence       Greencastle Pike
Hagers       855-11       BENEVOLA              Benevola, Md
Hagers       216-K       B. P. O. ELKS CLUB, Elks Club       S. Potomac
Hagers       316-R       BENNER, J. SPENCER, Residence       31 Madison av
Hagers       227-R       BENNETT, FRANK L., Residence       122 E. Antietam
Hagers       844-3       BERGER, J. E., Grain, Feed & Groceries       Wingerton, Pa
Hagers       82       BERRY, H. H., Residence       216 S. Prospect
Hagers       21-F       BESTER, FRED G., Residence              409 W. Washington
Hagers       208-R       BESTER, H. E., Office       Rear Stickell's Mills
Hagers       311-K       BESTER, HENRY A., Residence       44 E. Baltimore
Hagers       311-K       BESTER, JR., HENRY A., Residence       44 E. Baltimore
Hagers       208-R       BESTER ICE CO., Mfrs. of Ice       Rear Stickell's Mills
Hagers       19-R       BESTER, MISS MARY, Residence       207 S. Potomac



Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company

Public domain


Collection Location:
Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
24 x 16 cms

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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