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The Insurrection at Harper's Ferry

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Baltimore, November 28, 1859.

A. P. Shutt, Harper's Ferry.

Some of the conductors report, that there have been attempts made by numbers of volunteers at Harper's Ferry, armed with guns, &c., to go through our passenger trains there, on arrival, in supposed search of suspicious persons.
As this is not only an unnecessary step for the ends of justice, as well as a great annoyance to passengers—especially ladies—you must see that it is not allowed, except under extraordinary circumstances, that might require or justify it. If one vigilant man, unarmed, would go quietly through the train, without any unnecessary excitement, it ought to answer all practical and proper purposes. Please confer with the commanding officers and see that our wishes are respected in this matter.


Boston, Nov. 7, 1859.

To the President or Superintendent of the B. & O. R. R. Co., Baltimore :

I propose to get up an excursion party from New England and New York to Washington and to Harper's Ferry, provided I can get a reduction on the fare sufficient to bring out a good number —to take place as soon as I can get the arrangements made with the several railroads, which I hope to be in season for the party to go on and see Brown hung, and be in Washington at the opening of Congress.
I propose to give you one fare for the round trip from Baltimore to Washington and return for the whole party, and one fare from Baltimore to Harper's Ferry, and return for all that will go to Harper s Ferry.
I have been getting up excursions all summer from the country into Boston, and from Boston to Canada, New York and other places, and I have had some very large parties. I do not know how large a party I can get to go to Washington and Harper's Ferry, but I think, if the fare is put low enough, that I can get out a large number. The tickets will be made by our roads here, with coupons for each road.
Please answer by return mail, stating the terms from Baltimore to Washington and back, and also from Baltimore to Harper's Ferry and back.
In 1851 I got up one or two excursions from Boston to Washington, which were very good parties.
Yours, truly,


Page #:

B. H. Richardson, Annapolis


Collection Location:
Western Maryland Room, WCFL

Original Size:
22 x 14 cms

Maryland. General Assembly. Senate, 1860.

Harpers Ferry (W. Va.), History; John Brown's Raid, 1859.

Harpers Ferry (WV), Washington County (Md.), 1859

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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