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The Insurrection at Harper's Ferry

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JACOBS, BENJAMIN L., Supervisor of Trains west of Piedmont, B. & O. R. R.
JEWETT, H. J., President of the Central Ohio R. R., Zanesville, O.
KOONTZ, GEO. S., Agent B. & O. R. R., Ellicott's Mills Station.
LOWE, J. M., Agent B. & O. R. R., Washington Junction, (Relay House.)
LEE, R. E., Brevet Col. U. S. Army, Commander of forces at Harper's Ferry
at the capture of Insurgents.
MCCAFFREY, F. J., Agent B. & O. R. R., Benwood Station.
MANTZ, F., Train Dispatcher, &c., B. & O. R. R., Monocacy.
MUMFORD, GEO. W., Secretary of State, Richmond, Va.
PHELPS, A. J., Through Express Passenger Train Conductor, B. & O. R.
R., through whom the public and the R. R. Company first knew of the
attempted insurrection.
PERVEIL, C. W., Agent B. & O. R. R., New York City.
POST, JAMES, a detective acting under military orders.
PERHAM, JOSIAH, a general excursion projector, Boston.
PARSONS, THOMAS H., Agent B. & O. R. R., Washington, D. C.
QUYNN, J. T., Agent B. & O. R. R., Frederick, Md.
RANDALL, L. E., Agent B. & O. R. R., Piedmont Station.
RUSSELL, C. W., General Legal Counsellor of the B. & O. R. R. for Virginia.
RICHARDSON, W. H., Adjutant General of the State, Richmond, Va.
SELLMAN, R. D., Private Secretary to the Governor of Maryland.
SINN, JOHN T., Captain United Guards, Frederick, Md.
STEUART, GEO. H., Major General 1st Light division Maryland Volunteers, Baltimore.
SHUTT, A. P., Express Passenger Train Conductor, B. & O. R. R., also Col. 6th Regiment Maryland Volunteers, detailed as a Special Agent for the Company at Harper's Ferry.
SMITH, W. P., Master of Transportation of the B. & O. R. R., Baltimore.
SMITH, VICTOR, Railroad Editor of the Daily Commercial, Cincinnati.
SMITH, RICHARD, Editor of the Gazette, Cincinnati.
SHORE, W. W., Correspondent for the Press, New York.
SHOWACRE, J. W., Passenger Train Conductor, B. & O. R. R., between Baltimore and Washington.
TYSON, HENRY, Master of Machinery of the B. & O. R. R., Baltimore.
TALIAFERRO, WILLIAM B., Major General, Commander-in-Chief of the Virginia State Forces at Charlestown.
VROOMAN, W., Agent of the B. & O. R. R., Parkersburg, Va.
WISE, HENRY A., Governor of Virginia.
WATKINS, J. W., Brigadier General Maryland Troops at Baltimore.
WATERS, CHARLES E.. Secretary of the Master of Transportation, B. & O. R. R., Baltimore.

NOTE.—The numerous letters and dispatches embraced in the following pages contain all of the official correspondence connected with the Harper's Ferry affair, so far as it has been accessible to the Senate of Maryland, but does not embrace the military and legal correspondence to any great extent between the various State Authorities of Virginia, or the officers of the General Government.


Page #:

B. H. Richardson, Annapolis


Collection Location:
Western Maryland Room, WCFL

Original Size:
22 x 14 cms

Maryland. General Assembly. Senate, 1860.

Harpers Ferry (W. Va.), History; John Brown's Raid, 1859.

Harpers Ferry (WV), Washington County (Md.), 1859

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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