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Hagerstown District Telephone Directory 1907 - Hagerstown, page 13

Hagerstown District Telephone Directory of the Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company, 1907: Page 13 Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


Hagers       293-R       ELY, D. L., Residence       120 N. Locust
Hagers       286-Y-3       EMMERT, ERNEST B., Residence       Funkstown, Md
Hagers       840-31       EMMERT, SAMUEL, Farm       Western Pike
Hagers       317       EMMERT, SAM'L, Hardware       43-45 W. Washington
Hagers       145-K       EMMERT, SAM'L, Residence       N. Potomac & Bethel
Hagers       101-F       ENGLISH, I. T., Residence       Hagerstown, Md
Hagers       111-F       ESHLEMAN, ADAM B., Residence       516 Potomac av
Hagers       843-5       ESHLEMAN, ADAM B., Residence       Reid, Md
Hagers       111-F       ESHLEMAN, JACOB W., Residence       516 Potomac av
Hagers       190-K       EVANS, H. L., Residence       Wareham Bldg., W. Washington
Hagers       120       EVENING GLOBE, THE, Office       28 W. Washington
Hagers       101-R       EVERS, REV. A. M., Residence       112 S. Mulberry
Hagers       859-2       EVERS, REV. A. M., Residence       Cearfoss Pike, near Hagerstown
Hagers       181-K       EYERLY, CHAS. H., Dry Goods, Notions & Shoes.       18 W. Washington
Hagers        9-K       EYERLY, CHAS. H., Residence       143 N. Potomac
Hagers        9-K       EYERLY, GEO. W., Residence       143 N. Potomac
Hagers       181-K       EYERLY'S DRY GOODS STORE       18 W. Washington


Hagers       74       FAHRNEY & SON, D., Physicians       126 W. Washington
Wmspt       23-21       FAHRNEY, T. J., General Merchandise       Downsville, Md
Wmspt       23-2       FAHRNEY, T. J., Residence       Downsville, Md
Hagers       251-F       FAHRNEY, W. S., Residence       234 Summit av
Hagers       858-11       FAIRPLAY, MD       Fairplay, Md
Hagers       271-R       FASNACHT, LESLIE, Residence       368 S. Potomac
Hagers       78-K       FAVORITE, B. F., Residence       111 Jefferson
Hagers       288-W       FEIGLEY, EDWARD, Residence       38 N. Mulberry
Hagers       276-F       FEIGLY. M., Residence       2 Bergers al
Hagers       212-W       FELDMAN, JNO. W., Residence       Williamsport Pike
Hagers       853-3       FIDDLERSBURG, MD       Fiddlersburg Md
Hagers       855-6       FINFROCK, HARVEY H., Residence,       Funkstown Pike, near Hagerstown
Hagers       55-K       FINK, VOLA, Residence       135 N. Jonathan
Hagers       231-F       FIREY, DR. E. A., Residence       119 S. Potomac
Hagers       118-K       FIRST HOSE FIRE CO       S. Potomac
Hagers       36-K       FIRST NAT'L BANK, THE, John D. Newcomer, Cashier       76 W. Wash
Hagers       85-F       FISH, HARRY M., Residence       Mulberry & Franklin
Hagers       253-W       FISHER, EDWIN S., Office       8 Hamilton Row
Hagers       841-13       FLEMING, ED. E., Residence       Hagerstown & Maugansville rds
Wmspt       26-K       FLEMING & HETZER, Nurserymen       Conococheague, Williamsport, Md
Wmspt       5-F       FLEMING, J. B., Burgess       Conococheague
Wmspt       26-K       FLEMING, J. W., Harness Maker       Conococheague, Williamsport, Md
Hagers       62-W       FLENNER, ALBERT, Residence       E. Washington
Hagers       267-R       FLOYD, WM., Residence       Church & Norway av
Hagers       286-M-2       FLYNN, MRS. CARRIE J., Residence       Funkstown, Md
Hagers       15-W       FOLTZ, F. F., Farm Implements       46 W. Antietam

North Potomac Street




Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company

Public domain


Collection Location:
Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
24 x 16 cms

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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