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Hagerstown District Telephone Directory 1907 - Hagerstown, page 16

Hagerstown District Telephone Directory of the Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company, 1907: Page 16 Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


# Designates Private Branch Exchange System

Hagers       139-W       HAGERSTOWN FOUNDRY, Moulders       S. Locust
Hagers       122-W       HAGERSTOWN FURN. CO., H. F. Wingert, Pres. N. & W. & C. V. R. R
Hagers       155-W       HAGERSTOWN ICE CO., Mfg. Ice       Prospect & W. Md. R. R
Hagers       105-W       HAGERSTOWN IRON & JUNK CO., Junk       15 Lee
Hagers       67       HAGERSTOWN & LEITERSBURG TURNPIKE CO., 108 W. Wash'gton
Hagers       164-K       HAGERSTOWN LIGHT & HEAT CO., Office       8 N. Jonathan
Hagers       204-R       HAGERSTOWN LOUNGE CO., THE, Mfrs. Lounges, Couches & Bd. Sps
Hagers       37-W       HAGERSTOWN MARBLE & GRANITE WORKS       48 W. Antietam
Hagers       34 #        HAGERSTOWN RY. CO., W. C. Hepperle, Supt       Public sq
Hagers       14-K       HAGERSTOWN RY. CO., Waiting Room       Public sq
Keedys       4-3       HAGERSTOWN RY. CO., Waiting Room        Boonsboro, Md
Hagers       30-K       HAGERSTOWN SHOW CASE & STORE FURN. CO., Ofc. & F.,        Elizab'h
Hagers       144-K       HAGERSTOWN SPOKE & BENDING CO., F. F. Barrick,        Walnut & Ch
Hagers       160-R       HAGERSTOWN STEAM LAUNDRY, J. E. Schindel, Prop.,        42 W. Ant
Hagers       165-W       HAGERSTOWN STORAGE & TFR. CO., Office       W. Church
Hagers       30-R       HAGERSTOWN TABLE WORKS, Mfrs. Tables & Stands,        Elizabeth extd
Hagers       136-W       HAGERSTOWN WOODENWARE MFG. CO., Stepladders, etc.       Concord
Hagers       35-R       HAGNER, ALEX. R., Attorney-at-Law       1 Mealey Row
Hagers       116-F       HAGNER, ALEX. R., Residence       231 Prospect
Hagers       130-Y-I       HALFWAY, MD       Halfway, Md
Hagers       147-R       HAMILTON, MISS JULIA H., Office       5 Hamilton Row
Hagers       86-F       HAMILTON, MISS JULIA H., Residence       Oak Hill
Hagers       176       HAMILTON, R. J., Editor Mail Publishing Co       20 S. Jonathan
Hagers       86-F       HAMILTON, RICHARD, Residence       Oak Hill
Hagers       290-F       HAMILTON, W. G., Office       16 S. Jonathan
Hagers       86-F       HAMILTON, MRS. WM. T., Residence       Oak Hill
Hagers       851-11       HAMMAKER, GEO. WM., Residence,        Cavetown Pike, near Hagerstown
Keedys       5-3       HAMMOND, JOS., Groceries, Hardware, etc       Sharpsburg, Md
Hagers       178-R       HAPPEL, MARTIN, Residence        101 E. Washington
Hagers       135-F       HARMAN, F. D., Wholesale Beer       101 Salem av
Hagers       285-Y-2       HARMAN, F. D., Residence       Williamsport Pike, near Halfway
Hagers       237-F       HARMAN, HARRY H., Office       2 Court pi
Hagers       124-F       HARMAN, HARRY H., Residence       78 E. North
Hagers       319-K       HARMAN, J. F., The Washington       36 E. Washington
Hagers       159-K       HARMON, WALTER, Hotel       227 N. Jonathan
Hagers       66-R       HARNE, MISS CORA M., Residence       222 N. Potomac
Hagers       119-K       HARNE, GEO. O., Residence       433 N. Mulberry
Hagers       95-F       HARNE, R. L., Residence       414 W. Washington
Hagers       842-3       HARNISH, S. A., General Merchandise       Cearfoss, Md
Hagers       87-K       HARP, C. U., Residence       25 E. Antietam
Hagers       17-R       HARP, MRS. ELIZABETH A., Art Needlew'k, No's, etc.,        23 S. Potomac
Hagers       131-W       HARPER, GRANT E., Fresh Meats, etc       Antietam & Locust
Hagers       124-R       HARPER, J. C, Residence       129 E. North
Hagers       141-F       HARRIS, REV. W. T., Residence       58 W. North
Hagers       193-K       HARSHMAN, EMORY, Residence        Summit av
Hagers       841-11       HARTLE BROS., General Merchandise       Middleburg, Pa


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Exclusive Agents:




Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company

Public domain


Collection Location:
Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
24 x 16 cms

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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