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Transportation - both bus and rail

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It is a well known fact that preceding our present form of transportation the process of going from place to place in years that are past and gone was not only an inefficient process but a tedious one.

The evolution of transportation presents a picture filled with romance and many human interest incidents in the progressive march of civilization and from the human interest point of view we take pleasure in presenting two contrasting pictures, which we believe will appeal to our readers because of their intimate associations with our own activities.

The first picture represents G. E. Stonebraker of our Electrical Construction Department depicting him as a youth five years of age utilizing his then modern and joy producing form of transportation as he drove his goat about the farm north of Downsville in Washington County, Maryland.

Those who know George today may easily identify him with the youthful driver because of the striking facial resemblance still existing. We are glad to have this picture because it gives us suitable background for the first presentation of our most modern piece of transportation equipment.

The second picture depicts the latest motor bus constructed for The Blue Ridge Transportation Company and which may be recognized as being the very latest word in bus design.

The two newest buses of this type recently received are operated in our service from Hagerstown through to Pittsburgh and in their appointments are practically as luxurious as the most modern parlor car that runs on rails.

These buses with "Bodies by Bender" and "Motor by White" have a seating capacity of twenty-five, the seats being provided with three available inclining positions and regulated by foot lever to insure the maximum degree of comfort.

Another feature of their equipment is the installation within of thermos drinking water fountain and portable card tables to provide entertainment for riders over long distances of travel.

Our Most Modern Type of Motor Coach
These buses with their brilliantly illuminated slogan "The Scenic Route" on the rear are attracting marked attention as they traverse the route of The National Highway.


Potomac Edison News


Collection Location:

Bus terminal, Hagerstown (Md.) , 1940-1960.

Hagerstown, Md., 1940-1970

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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