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The Cumberland Coal Fields - continued

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generating purposes in the market, and superior for forge purposes also. Under equal weights the Cumberland Coal surpasses the Anthracite, in evaporative power, by about 2.3 per cent.; under equal bulk by 1.4 per cent. It surpasses the foreign bituminous coals 20 per cent, comparing equal weights, and 26 per cent, comparing equal bulk. It is now used by manufacturers and transportation companies generally throughout the Eastern States. For coking qualities, etc., we refer the reader to the article on Iron.

From 1842 to 1874 (inclusive) 26,338,681 tons of this coal have been mined and shipped. The demand is steadily increasing and will necessitate an increase of mining and shipping facilities. Several of the coal companies, now in operation, have made new openings and inclines during the past summer and are now pre pared to nearly double their previous shipments the coming season. The supply is still abundant; the lower veins being almost un touched, and of the upper vein there are about 12,057 acres still uncut.

In addition to the abundant supply of this valuable mineral contained in the Cumberland Coal Basin proper, a large field of valuable coal (which closely resembles the Cumberland Coal) has been recently opened in an adjoining county of Pennsylvania. This coal will be put on the cars of the Pittsburgh branch of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad thirty-five miles west of Cumberland. The coal of this region closely resembles the "Cumberland," being like it a bituminous rich in carbon, and quite free from injurious substances, and earthy impurities. From this field the industries of Cumberland are assured of a valuable supplemental supply.

Cumberland is connected with the Cumberland Coal Field by the Cumberland & Pennsylvania Railroad, which runs from Cumberland to Piedmont, through the coal basin, and by the Eckhart Mines Branch, which runs from Cumberland to Eckhart and other mines on the eastern edge of the coal basin.


January, 1875.
Fine. * $1.30-35 per ton.
Run of Mine. * 1.60-75 per ton
Lump.* 2.75 per ton.

Prices of coal delivered to all parts of the city.
Run of Mine * $2.00 per ton
Lump * 3.00 per ton
Fine *       1.50


Page #:

C.J. Orrick


Collection Location:
Allegany County Public Library

Original Size:
21 x 14 cms

Board of Trade of the City of Cumberland

Mines and mineral resources, Maryland, Cumberland

Cumberland, Md., 1870s

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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